Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day + 159

Dale is now 9 years old. We are grateful that Dale was able to celebrate another birthday. Every year of his life so far,except maybe the first year, has been a challenge for him. We were told down at UCLA that Dale now has 2 birthday's, his actual birth date and his transplant date. Dale spent most of his birthday playing at Grandma June's house and having a water gun fight with Derek and Uncle Mike. Earlier that morning, Dale received a surprise birthday present from Percy the penguin.(Thank you Percy! Dale really enjoys playing with his new water gun). The day finished with dinner at Grandma June's
house and lighting sparklers and fountains left over from the fourth of July. Danny will turn 16 tomorrow. You start to see how fast time flies when you see how old your children are turning. Last Friday's UCLA visit went well. His labs continue to remain fairly stable. The cyclosporine level this week was 176. ANC - 2100 Hgb is back up to 9.1 Hct - 28.5. Plts - 304,000
He is still taking Cellcept and cyclosporine for now. The Cellcept dose is slowly being tapered off. Dale continues to play golf every week at Dominguez as well as attend his weekly golf lessons. According to cousin Eric, chipping was the challenge last week so Dale snuck in an extra lesson on chipping. Hopefully, this week will be better. Dale also squeezed in some swimming last week too. We have not been walking Eski everyday like we used to and Dale has expressed concern over this.
Danny and Derek's busy schedules have cut into time with Eski. Today, Grandma Miya, Derek and Dale took Eski for a walk.
Thank you for continued support and prayers. Grace and peace to you all.......

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day + 142

Yesterday we went to UCLA for Dale's clinic visit. He continues to do well. The labs are still about the same. The hemoglobin dropped to 8.8 despite the lower dose on the Cellcept. They will watch it for now. Dale is by no means symptomatic at this point. We will now be going to UCLA every 2 weeks instead of every week for labs and will be seeing the doctors only once a month! We were suprised to hear that our leash was being extended but they said he was stable enough and not to worry. The Cellcept dose was again lowered and the cyclosporine level is now down to 139. Dale has lost about a total of 13 pounds since he was discharged from the hospital. Most of the weight loss is from the weight gained while he was on the steroids. Dale is quite happy with his flatter stomach. We are still working on Derek's . Although I must say Derek is trying harder to lose some inches now that Dale is so much slimmer. Danny, for some reason despite all the food he eats,does not have a stomach. The doctors were also very happy to hear that Dale is staying active. They told us the more physically active Dale is, the faster the recovery. On the Fourth of July , Dale and Derek went swimming and finished the night at our Uncle Butch's house for dinner and fireworks. There was a lot of smoke but Dale put his mask on was out there with the rest of the cousins lighting fireworks and watching the spectacular Takahashi/Yamane (our cousins) firework display. OnThursday, Derek and Dale went out and played their second round of golf (9 holes) at Dominguez with FOR Golf. Both boys claimed their putting was terrible which was why their score was 2 points higher than last weeks. Dale this week waited a day before calling his golf teacher with his score. Last week he called him as soon as he got home. Ryan, being the great teacher that he is, reassured Dale that he did well and 2 points is not big deal. Later that evening, Dale joined Derek's team at basketball practice. He had a great time. Dale grew up being around Derek's basketball team so they are all like brothers to him. He woke up the next morning suprised that he wasn't as sore as he thought he would be. The doctors told us practicing with ten "healthy" boys should be ok once a week. So far everyday this week the boys have been filling up water balloons and throwing them at each other until they are completely soaked. Well, Derek and Dale are soaked. Danny somehow manages to stay dry. Yesterday was the one year mark of our dear Grandpa George's passing. Our family together with Grandma June went to the cemetary. Grandma June is incredibly strong and has held herself together very well. As I watch Dale say his prayers every night, I think of all of you who continue to pray for Dale. We are grateful for your continued prayers and support. Blessings to you all..... Have a great week.