Friday, April 18, 2008

pictures from Dale's Celebration of Life

Monday, April 14, 2008

A letter from Derek

Dale's celebration of life service was held on March 25,2008 at Faith United Methodist Church starting at 6:30 pm. There were approximately 1200 people in attendance. The church filled up by 5:30 pm so chairs and a projection screen was set up outside in the parking lot. The evening was chilly but from what I was told, nobody left. They stayed to watch the tribute planned for Dale. We were so touched by the outpouring of love and support for Dale and our family. Songs were sang , words were spoken to praise, thank and bring glory to God for Dale's life. Over 40 floral sprays decorated the church and beautiful leis brought in from Hawaii by Auntie Millie, Auntie Tish and hand made by Auntie Kekoa and Uncle Brian adorned Dale's picture and filled the room with its sweet fragrances. Dale loved to wear leis and smell their wonderful fragrance. Thanks to the help of many people, Dale's Celebration of Life Service was wonderful. Dale's life was captured and shown in an awesome slide show made by Uncle Kenny. This brought tears and joy to all who watched because it really showed how much Dale loved life and how full he lived it.
Thank you all for your hard work and help in making this evening very special for us. Burial services were held the next morning at Green Hills. Life is different without Dale. There is a void and emptiness in our house. We are trying our best to continue on as Dale would of wanted us to. Derek continues to write letters to Dale in heaven. This is something he does to ease his grieving. I would like to share some parts of his letters....

Dear Dale,
I missed you at Easter. Playing games is only half the fun and half the thrill because you are not here with me to play Wii or XBOX 360. It's not the same without you and you know it's hard for us right? I missed you especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. The service and burial were nicely programmed. There were so many people. I've had enough hugs and handshakes for at least a month. No, I'm just joking around. Although you had a short life, that's how many people you touched. Maybe about 1,400 people went to your funeral. That's amazing for a 9 year old to draw that much attention. I'm proud of you Dale! Good job! Thanks for helping Danny and Tune Squad to be champs and bringing him home safely. We miss you, love you and will never forget you. Love, Derek.

Grace and peace to you all..........