Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day + 217

Dale is now 7 months post transplant. He continues to do well. His labs are stable and is currently in the process of weaning his anti-rejection medicine. He in now only on 1 cyclosporine pill a day. We hope to be completely off this medication in a couple of weeks. A few weeks ago the doctors told us that the blood tests showed Derek's marrow has engrafted. What a blessing!!! Dale is still not allowed to go to school just yet so he continues to home school . We still have the same home school teacher and Dale really likes her. In fact, we all really like her. Now that Derek is in middle school , Dale has to go to his class every day to pick up and turn in his assignments. Although he cannot stay , he enjoys seeing his friends and teacher for a few minutes every day. He works hard to keep up. He rarely takes breaks unless it's time to eat or take Eski for a walk. He takes one afternoon break to go outside and play. One of Dale's favorite things to do during his break is to go next door and bring our neighbor's dog Biscuit over to play with Eski. They love to chase each other around and Dale watches over them while shooting baskets in the yard. When the two dogs are too tired to move, Dale puts Eski in our backyard and Biscuit goes home. Sometimes Biscuit plays in our backyard and we take him home later. Dale continues to play basketball with his team. He has practice once a week and games on the weekend. He is allowed to play as long as no one on the team is sick. He also attends a Fundamentals basketball camp on Saturday. He continues with his piano and hula and is starting back up with his violin lessons. We are grateful for all that Dale is able to do as we wait patiently with grateful hearts for the things he wants to do but can't. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.