Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dale'e new friends

Dale at UCLA with Brandan Baker and Yuji Okumoto from "Johnny Kapahala - Back on Board"

Dale'e new friends

Starting over-day #8 induction protocol

It feels like weeks since we received the news about Dale's relapse. He looks great and is in good spirits as always as the rest of walk around in a daze. When he sees tears rolling down my cheeks, he always asks why I am crying. Dale's chemotherapy regimen consists of Vincristine, Erwinia Asparginase and prednisone. This protocol is not new to him so he was comfortable restarting this regimen. We go to UCLA every Monday , Wednesday and Friday for chemo. Dale's central line was placed back in on Monday. He has had so many central lines put in and taken out that this was really no big deal for him. Last Wednesday Dale was treated with a big surprise. Brandan Baker from 'Johnny Kapahala" and Yuji Okumoto who played his father in the movie "Johnny Kapahala - Back on Board" came to UCLA and spent a few hours with Dale and sat with him as he recieved his chemotherapy. Dale received to 2 shots into the thigh and Brandan held his hands tight as the needle went in. Dale and I were both very excited as well as Auntie Shari, Auntie Judi and Wade who came along to meet Brandan and Yuji. We all enjoyed their company. They were so nice. When we got home, Dale told Danny and Derek all about his day with his two new celebrity friends and watched their movie together. It was fun watching the movie again after meeting them. Today, Dale played in the FOR golf tournament with his good friend and golf teacher, Ryan Yahata. They came in second place and Dale won a set of golf clubs in the raffle. He had a great time. They played 18 holes at Dominguez and Dale did not get as tired as I thought he would. As I watched him walk across the 18th hole, he looked so happy. He was smiling ear to ear. So far Dale has received a unit of blood and a unit of platelets. He will probably need another transfusion of platelets on Monday. Dale's hemoglobin was 6.4 before the tranfusion and now it is 10.8 His lips and his cheeks are pink again. We would like to thank all of you who have donated blood and/or platelets for Dale. Our goal at this point is to get Dale back into remission and maintain his remission with maintenance chemotherapy for as long as we can. The doctors believe he will only have a few months before the cancer returns. Dale's bone marrow will be tested again at day 21or 28. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. It is what we need most. Grace and peace......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17,2007

(Posted by Shari)

Dale has been doing so well over the last 8 months after his bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately on Tuesday the Inouye's received bad news. Dale's leukemia reoccurred. Dale had another bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday which confirmed that the leukemia has repopulated his bone marrow. Today Dale went back to the clinic where he received a unit of blood and treatment options were discussed. He will be admitted tomorrow for port-o-cath placement and initiation of chemo. He will probably be hospitalized for about 4 days. Needless to say Dale was disappointed in hearing that he will need further treatment. Dale is a stoic little fighter and it is encouraging to see him still able to smile.
The hope with this next chemo treatment is to get back into remission. The Inouye's appreciate your prayers for strength and healing.

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