Monday, September 15, 2008

Kauai 2008

Plumeria memorial at Kalihiwai Beach for Dale

Aloha from Dale on Kauai

Tribute to Dale at Hoike 2008

Halau Keali'i O Nalani Hoike 2008 - Tribute to Dale

Happy Birthday Dale!

July 22, 2008

6 month's later

I didn't realize people were still visiting Dale's blog. It was nice to read the comments. Mahalo Uncle Kenny for making and for posting Dale's tribute on U-tube. 6 months have passed and if feels like an eternity. We think about Dale every moment of the day. It warms my heart to see Dale's memory so alive still. (i.e basketball tournament booklets, watching the Pacer's play and hearing them shout "Dale!" in their huddle, the beautiful tribute at the Keali'i O Nalani 2008 hoike, seeing Dale's name and number on the back of the Harvey Kitani basketball camp t-shirts,seeing friends and family still wearing Dale wrist bands and so much more....) This past August, our family along with the Morinishi and Hamada families, Auntie Millie Uncle Eric, Nicole ,Auntie Kekoa and Erin, went back to Kauai to pay tribute and re-live the wonderful memories we have of Dale there. The boys paddled out on surf boards at Kalihiwai Beach (Dale's favorite beach) far past the waves and scattered plumeria flowers into the ocean in memory of Dale. The moms and girls who didn't want to get wet threw in flowers from the rocks on the side of the beach. Many tears were shed but as Auntie Shari put it " they were cleansing tears". Dale thanked us with a beautiful rainbow from end to end toward the end of our trip with one end of the rainbow ending right at our condo. We knew it was him and it brought a smile to all of our faces. We are trying to go on as Dale would have wanted us to. Thank you for your continued support. Grace and Peace to you all.....