Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 30 of induction protocol

Dale managed to get by this week without a transfusion of any kind. Last week he required both blood and platelets. If you were donor number 8132754 , thank you for your platelets. On Friday, Nov. 9th Dale's platelets were 32,000. The doctor told Dale he probably didn't need a transfusion just yet but since there was a long weekend coming up he gave him the option of getting one. Dale told his doctor " Someone came all the way up here to donate platelets for me so I don't want it to go to waste" The nurse had checked with blood bank earlier and told Dale that a unit of platelets would be expiring on Sunday. So the doctor authorized the transfusion and Dale was good to go for the week. This week his platelets were 56,000. The Wbc is now 3.0 and the ANC was 1600. Dale's bone marrow is starting to recover from the last chemo. He has just about lost all of his hair but that did not stop him from playing basketball or golf. Yesterday, Wade, Derek and Dale played a round of golf and today Dale played basketball with his team. Last weekend Dale went on a motorcycle ride with Uncle Alan again just for fun. They cruised around and had a lot of fun. Derek was also treated with a ride too. Later that evening Dale attended his basketball team party where they presented him with an autographed #8 Kobe jersey. He was very surprised. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he saw the signature on the number. Of course, I did not have a camera. Too bad Auntie Shari wasn't with us. She would of had her camera ready. The last few evenings, Dale has been experiencing headaches which the doctor attributes to the lumbar puncture he received on Friday , the 16th. A needle is placed into Dale's spine and spinal fluid is removed and chemo is put in. Sometimes the spinal fluid continues to leak out and this causes the headache. It doesn't hurt as much lying down and tylenol seems to help. We are going back to UCLA on Wednesday to check if he will need more platelets. Thank you for your continued support, blood and platelet donations and for your prayers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Red Velvet Cake

Cake anyone? It tastes as good as it looks!

Halloween night with Dale and friends

Day 18 of Induction protocol

Dale continues to move forward with his chemotherapy regimen. He has completed the series of leg shots with the Erwinia. He received a total of 13 shots into the thighs. The shots were painful but he iced his thighs before the shots which seem to help more than the numbing cream (lidocaine cream). A week ago on Oc. 29th, Dale's platelets dropped to 16,000 so he received another unit of platelets. If you were donor number 8132443, Dale reveived your platelets. (Thank you !) From what we've have heard, many very generous people have gone down to UCLA to donate blood and platelets for Dale. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your time, help and support. As of 11/2 his platelets were still 82,000. His white count had dropped to 0.8 and ANC - 300. He is neutropenic but this also means that the chemo is doing its job. Hgb - 9.2 . He will continue to receive i.v. vincristine and oral steroids (prednisone) for the next 2 weeks. The vincristine is given once a week. On Halloween, Dale participated in his school Halloween parade and later went trick or treating with the Kitani boys , friend Kelly and the Chong family. He had a blast. We walked for blocks. Dale was "Jack Sparrow" from Pirates of the Caribbean and Derek was the hammerhead shark from the same movie. We were also treated with a visit from our dear Auntie Millie from Hawaii. She arrived on Halloween and just went home today. During her stay with us, Auntie Millie and Dale baked a beautiful and delicious red velvet cake. The boys always enjoy having Millie visit. She only left a few hours ago, but we miss her already. Dale's hair has now started to fall out again. I think this bothers me more than it does him. I try to remind him that his hair has always grown back so not to worry. It's such a shame to see his beautiful curly hair on the floor and not on his head. We are trying our best to keep our heads up and spirits high. Dale has continued to show unbelieveable strength and courage. Please know that this comes as an answer to all of your prayers. His strength is a God given strength. Thank you for your prayers.....