Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dale's First Day of Chemo

Juliann writes:
Dale's first chemo day went fairly well. His favorite nurse Terri was there which brightened him up. She gave him a pep talk before we got started. Dale was very teary. Dale was given ARA-C into the spine. However before the doctor was about to administer it, he noticed a discrepancy in the label. I looked at it too and there was a decimal point error. So while the needle was still stuck in Dale's back, he waited patiently until the nurse took the incorrect chemo and had the pharmacy remake it.
Dale was very brave. Not a peep from him the whole time This time the doctor inserted the needle into his spine without local anesthetics. He said it hurt less then the stick from the numbing agents. Dale also received two other chemo agents intravenously. So far so good thanks to the anti-nausea meds he takes.
Dale managed to make it back for a few hours of school. He made me run from the hospital room to the car. As we approached the car, before I even got in, he was yelling, "start the car!!!". Those of you who know Dale can probably picture this.
We are waiting for a chemo drug to come in from France. Please continue to pray for a fast remission.



Team Mersburgh said...

Aloha Dale and family,
We have been praying for you since Aunty Millie has shared your story. Our daughter Ruth just had an autologus stem cell transplant Nov. 3, 2006. We to are fighting. Keep up your strength. We have many people praying for you and your family.
Dan, Charlene, Thomas, Rebekah and Ruthie