Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A poem "For Dale"

I wanted to share a song that was written for Dale by a dear friend . I asked if I could post it on the blog and with her blessing she writes..... I wrote this song about my little hula brother, but I really think it was Dale who wrote this.... through me....

FOR DALE (By Kiele)

Mama, don't you cry for me
Cuz' I'm standin' beside you, it's just you can't see me
But I'm holding you close, and I'll never leave
'cause I love you......

And daddy, don't you worry 'bout me
Cuz' I'm runnin' and jumpin' and I'm finally free
No more sounds and bright lights, to keep me wake at night
Now I can finally sleep....

So just close your eyes, and come with me
Back to a time that we shared happily
I would dance for you and you would smile at me
Can you do that please?
In your memories,
For me....

You know, God told me he was so proud of me
He knew it was hard to leave my family
And friends that I hold oh so close to me
Then he said softly.....

He said, Dale I've one more thing I need you to do
Would you watch over all those you held dear to you?
Be that shining light that they see every night
And I promise you then.....
You will see them again.....

So just close your eyes, and come with me
Back to a time that we shared happily
I would dance for you, now you can dance for me
Can you do that please?
Keep your memories,
Of me.....

I keep this song on my desk and where I can read it everyday. Derek shared a story about his school trip on a bus to a Casimir Cub band event at Fullerton College. He said he became sad and teary because this bus they rode in was very similar to the bus we took with the boy scout troop 719 to Yosemite. It reminded him of Dale and the good time we had. Then, one of his "cheerful and loud friends" told him " Don't be sad, I know it's hard but you have to build a bridge gradually and cross it when you're ready. Crossing the bridge will be your life and once you cross it, you will be reunited with your bro" It's amazing how children comfort each other. I am grateful for this boy's wisdom and compassion. We miss Dale dearly and we are doing our best to continue on to build our bridge..... Grace and peace to you all.......


Unknown said...


What a beautiful and special song. We think of Dale often. Kristen has printed out a picture of Dale and has it as the cover of her school binder. And, Kevin wrote Dales name and number on the side of his basketball shoes. We miss Dale so much...but he is in our hearts and thoughts, always.

Grace said...

On this Memorial Day, it is still with heavy hearts, yet with much love that we remember you even more, Dale. Your strength, smile and courage continue to be with all of us forever... Thank you for all your love, friendship and inspiration...Aunty Grace, Uncle Alan, Jill, Lindsay, Jamie and Traci

Paul Hirano said...

Dear Wade, Juliann, Danny, and Derek,

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dale. I was at Casimir the other day and saw green wristbands among the kids on the playground. They’ve been thinking of Dale too. Derek it was nice seeing you too and thank you for always being so friendly to me and saying hi.

Kent was so moody and sad the other day. I didn’t really understand why and he would just say everything was “fine”. That night he was lying in his bed and we started talking. I found out he was sad because Dale was gone and he wouldn’t see him until they were together again in heaven. He had seen the Dale’s picture in the FOR Tournament book and it started him thinking.

We talked about how he and Dale would laugh and goof off at basketball practice waiting to do one of Coach Randy’s drills or while sitting on the bench at a baseball game. Kent remembered how Dale was one of the first boys to talk to him when he joined the Pacers, when Kent was really nervous about performing well. All the boys were so good and the practice was so hard. Dale reached out to him and made him feel comfortable. He welcomed him and it made Kent want to keep going. We talked about the thrill Kent got when he passed to ball to Dale and he made the shot during one of their games. The gym erupted with cheers! It made him happy that people were cheering for his friend. He remembered the time when he made an announcement in front of the congregation at church. His friend Dale was sick and we needed people to sign up with Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches. We talked about how good it is that Chip Hino imprinted Dale’s name on their baseball uniforms. It helps us remember that he is still part of our team.

We talked for a while that night. It seemed to help Kent to think of all the good memories he had of Dale. We talked about how we don’t really know why Dale had to die but that God has a reason for everything and that He makes it all work for the good. He fell asleep a little while later. But I know he’s still thinking about Dale. He won’t forget his friend, and neither will I. God bless you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Coach Paul

millie said...

Hey Dale,
I was so happy to be able to visit you twice this past weekend.

It was so peaceful being able to sit with you and to enjoy all the flowers that everyone has brought for you. Your mom called me this morning; it's truly amazing how long your plumeria lei has lasted!

Thank you for all the little things in life, the reminders that you leave for me to let me know you're watching over us. I especially liked the single plumeria on my stairs yesterday. I have a new saying.... "Stop and smell the Plumeria's." Can you believe someone said that to me today?

I felt your presence everywhere last week as I visited your family. Having breakfast, I knew I wasn't sitting in your kitchen by myself. Of course, it was our routine! Even getting stickers for you at our tradeshow... it won't end, you'll always be in our hearts, in our everyday life.

I can't tell you how much I miss you... I have a Pookie with me too!

Lots of love to you....
Auntie Millie

p.s. Remember... arms around, all the way, OK, squeeze tight! Hugs and kisses to you...

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Dale!

Captain Barbossa said...

Dearest Dale...

I will dance with you in my heart this weekend, and hope you will be with your mom and I.

I am still stuck on Friday, but that's ok... I know I am not the only one, and that eventually, Sunday will come.

Me ke aloha... Auntie Sher, Uncle Ran, Captain Barbossa and Sistahs

kenny said...


By now, you've seen Aunty Sher and your mom dance! It was beautiful!

Thinking about hula and how much you loved it, I went ahead and posted your tribute at youtube and on my facebook. I should have done that sooner!

Our ohana really miss you.

Me ke aloha... the Chong Ohana