Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day +170

Dale continues to do well and has been quite busy the last 2 weeks. Thursday, Aug. 2nd was the last day of F.O.R. golf. Dale received a beautiful plaque for finishing second in the tournament. We were all surprised and Dale was very happy. Dale and Derek have also been attending the "Fundamentals" basketball camp with Coach Kitani and his staff for the past 5 days. Dale was extremely sore the first few days but as the days went on he felt better. Dale came home everyday tired yet happy that he made it through 3 hours of basketball. Yesterday was his once a month doctor visit in clinic at UCLA. The Hb went up to 9.4 and Hct - 29.1. Unfortunately the differential was not available so we were unable to calculate the ANC. The WBC however was 3.77. The liver enzymes remain normal and the cyclosporine level also remains fairly stable at 166. The cellcept is now down to one a day. ( he was initially taking 2 capsules three times a day) Once the cellcept is off, they will start to taper off the cyclosporine. The doctors were pleased with his progress and encouraged Dale to keep up the good work. During his free time, Dale enjoys reading "Naruto" comic books. Lately, he has been reading these books more than playing with his game boy. He also enjoys watching "Ninja Warrior", a competition of strength and agility among men who have been training for years. It is a japanese show with english subtitles. It is actually quite entertaining to watch. Dale has us all watching it. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. It helps us to stay strong and positive. Grace and peace to you all......


millie said...

hi dale,
wow! what a cool plaque! can't wait to see it...

glad to hear you're enjoying basketball camp. must be a lot of fun! are you guys going to vegas this weekend for basketball? kyle h. told me that scott h. is going; i assumed you guys would be going too.

did i tell you we got good news regarding tobie's tumor? it's not cancerous! his stitches are all healed (although it never really affected him).

take care of yourself. stay healthy. love your picture!

lots of love and aloha,
auntie millie