Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dale is now home. He was discharged from UCLA on March 1st. His liver biopsy showed acute GVH (graft vs. host) of the liver. He bled internally after the biopsy and required 2 units of blood. It was very scarey. He stopped bleeding about 12 hours later. He was in a lot of pain for a few days after the bleed. Dale is now on 4 different types of medication to try and control his GVH. His bilirubin climbed to 55.8 (nomal is less than 1) this past Friday so he was placed on a very high predisone pulse for 5 days . (200mg/day) I have never seen anyone take this much prednisone. He is now on 120mg a day. This is still a very high dose. Because of the steroids, Dale has muscle weakness especially in the legs. He has a very hard time walking up the stairs. Running is out of the question. Getting up to go the bathroom was a chore but it seems to be getting easier these past 2 days. The prednisone also makes him very emotional. He will go from fits of anger to laughing and not really knowing why he is laughing or crying. He is very jaundiced. Despite this all, he continues to push through his school work. This has only become possible over the last few days. When he first came home, he slept most of the day because he was so tired. Our dear Auntie Millie came to visit from Hawaii for a few days and this really brightened Dale up. He did his best to sit and eat at the table with Auntie Millie. His best night was "movie night" when they both cuddled up on the couch and ate furikake popcorn. So far, the recent infusion of Derek's stem cells have kept Dale's leukemia from reappearing in the blood. However, now that Dale is on 4 immunosuppressants, he is at risk for the leukemia to return. The doctors are trying to keep a balance between the GVH and the GVL (graft vs. leukemia) The GVL is what is keeping the leukemia under control but the GVH which comes along with the GVL is damaging the liver. It never seems to be easy or simple.The doctors told us at our last appointment that they are doing everything they can to control the GVH and the rest is up to GOD. So tomorrow, Dale and I plan to go to church when it is empty and pray with our pastors for Dale and his two friends that are fighting a fierce battle against cancer. Thank you all for your prayers for Dale....


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Oh, how I miss you! I miss your voice, "Auntie Millie?" I miss sitting next to you, I miss wondering "What are we having for lunch?" The car rides, the quiet time and just being there with you... It was really hard for me to leave on Monday.

I'll be able to see you soon (video phone). As soon as you get it, ask dad to 'hook it up!' I want to see you eating all the Shrimp Chips. When you want more, let me know...

I'm glad to hear you didn't have to go to the hospital everyday this week. I'll be sure to call mom on friday to find out how your labs are. Of course, mom has to translate for me (plain old english).

I'm so proud you were able to attend Danny's Eagle Scout ceremony last week (even through the many 5 minute extensions). I know it meant a lot to Danny and the rest of your family that you were there. It wouldn't have been a celebration without you. And, I know a lot of your friends and other family members were happy to be able to see you there too!

Take Care of yourself. Anything you want to 'eat' be sure to ask, because I know in your household, someone else wants to eat it too!

We're always praying for you in Hawaii. WE LOVE YOU!

auntie millie, uncle eric, coco and of course....tobie

millie said...

Hi again Dale,
Now that I've had more time to think about what I miss... I miss cooking for you! Fried rice, Shoyu chicken, Cheese Omelet and Kalbi!

I do miss the rest of your family too. Coffee made for me in the morning, hearing Derek's name "Derek! Take a shower! Derek? Did you brush your teeth?" Having a 'drink' with Danny. Wait a minute, he drank the whole thing by himself (we won't mention what kind of drink). Oh, yah, Hot Chocolate (he, he, he). And, running around with you and mom.

OK, again, Take Care and LOVE YOU!

auntie millie

Nancy said...

Hi Dale,
I'm so glad you are home (I bet you are too!!!) Furikake popcorn sounds AWESOME!!! I think about you daily and pray that you will recover quickly. You are such an inspiration. Take Care. Love, Nancy

millie said...

We love you Dale!!!