Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day + 59

We were on spring break this past week. Danny was traveling with the school in Europe so it was just Derek, Dale and I during the day. We played handball, rode bikes and took walks around the neighborhood everyday. Most of the days were spent outside. We encouraged Dale to walk a little farther and to ride his bike a little longer each day and much to his surprise he was able to increase his distance without getting too tired. We went to the tennis courts one day. It didn't go so well but we had fun. I think we got more exercise picking up the balls than actually hitting them. We blamed it on our tennis balls. Although we opened a new can, we concluded the reason we had such a hard time was because our new tennis balls must have been flat. We tried to go the beach on the day it was really windy to see the big waves but it was soooooo windy and cold we took a few steps and walked back to the car. We watched the waves from the car. The beach is one of Dale and Derek's favorite place so seeing the water even from the car was a real treat. The doctor told Dale he could go to church any day except on Sunday because it is too crowed so he decided to go on Wednesday so he could restart his piano lessons. His teacher was very surprised to see him. The lesson takes place in the main sanctuary and the room is completely empty except for the teacher and us so it works out perfectly. Dale still plays his violin at home too. Friday was clinic day at UCLA. Dale went in for blood work and IVIG( immune globulin) . The liver enzymes were better this week. (AST - 29, ALT - 73) The cyclosporine level was high again so they lowered the dose. The steroids are slowly being tapered. He is now on 5mg twice a day. (He started out on 20mg twice a day) While we were in clinic, Wade went to Sprinkles Bakery and bought some of those famous cupcakes. Dale was not able to have any so I ate his share. The red velvet cupcake was delicious. Over the weekend Derek played baseball so Dale and I went to watch the game for a short while. It was his first semi public appearance. He wore his mask and waved to everyone from a distance. I was afraid he would be self conscious about wearing the mask but he really didn't seem to care. He was just happy to be there. Derek's teammates greeted Dale so warmly it really made him feel good. Dale has also been helping me cook dinner these days. He made a couple of casseroles this week (with a little help). Derek was very happy with the new menu and cook. Spring break is now over and Danny will return home tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Did your family tease you with those cupcakes? Your mom mentioned the one that I want to try, red velvet... one of my favorite cakes that I've only baked once in my life. It's funny that your mom mentioned red velvet cake because I've been looking for a good recipe recently.

Glad to hear that you've been going out and getting some sunshine. You do know that the sun feels better in Hawaii??? Uncle Eric is currently on his own "spring break" in Portland, Oregon. He's with some friends snowboarding. Can't wait to hear all about Danny's trip to Europe!

How's Eski doing? She must be happy to have you home! Is she still sneaking up on mom's bed (I know she did when Derek was sleeping in there).

It's countdown for us.... 28 days till we see you! We can't wait!

I have a new friend at Kapiolani Hospital. His name is Cassian. Tobie and I are going to make a special visit to him tomorrow. He'll be going in for his chemo treatment and we told him we'd come visit anytime. So, he asked if we could visit him on his first day back in the hospital.

I hope you enjoyed watching the Merrie Monarch Festivals. Auntie Ruthie's nephew dances for the men's halau that won EVERYTHING! We saw him tonight and he was very happy. He's excited about winning the trip to Japan to represent Hawaii in a hula competition there.

Take care and hope to write to you sooner.... always in our thoughts and prayers, we love you!

Auntie Millie

The Mochizuki's said...

Dale - dude your numbers look good! wow, outside too and playing tennis! what an inspiration you are! Glad to hear you are cooking, cassroles? That is my favorite thing to do is cook, thank god I work because if I didn't I'd be cooking, eating and getting bigger by the day, hey wait a minute I am cooking, eating and getting bigger by the year! What are your favorite foods to eat right now? What taste good? Who is your home school teacher? Is it Ms. Deanna? Ali had her in 2004 and she was the best! We loved her. We had spring break too! We went to Mammoth to ski & board, maybe you can do that next year! We didn't know about the massive winds until we came home last Thursday and found hwy 14 closed due to winds, it was weird coming home and not seeing any semi-trucks or campers on the road. Our dog pound had to stay with Grandma, LB Gump & Tippi were happy as can be but poor Kimiko pouted and moped around for days, big baby! She doesn't even like Mammoth, we took her and Tippi last summer fishing and everyday as we headed out to the car she stayed on the porch wanting to stay home. Tippi on the other hand, loved Mammoth, went off exploring herself, we had to watch her closely since she thought rock climbing was cool, even if I couldn't get her down some steep faces. She was on a branch over a lake and decided to jump in (I think she was admiring her reflection and wanted a closer look at that cute face). She's a nut case, but we don't call her the queen for nothing. You keep healing, sending you loving prays daily, Auntie Wendy