Sunday, April 29, 2007

+ Day 73

Dale had another good week last week. Clinic on Friday at UCLA went well. He received another dose of IVIG (immuneglobulin). His labs were about the same. The liver enzymes continue to improve AST - 36 ALT - 49 Bili - 0.5. The doctors were very pleased with this. Scr - 0.5 and the ANC 2300. The Hgb dropped again to 8.9 and HCT - 27.2. This was a little disappointing but they are keeping a close watch. The magnesium also dropped ( a side effect of the cyclosporine) so Dale has to take yet another pill to supplement the magnesium. A low magnesium and a high cyclosporine level may cause seizures but luckily Dale's cyclosporine level was 280 (goal for Dale 250-300). There is always something to worry about. The prednisone is now down to 5mg/day. Last week we went to the driving range twice and the tennis courts once. We take Eski, our dog, on our walks now . She seems to finally understand that she can't jump all over Dale like she used to. Dale has started to show more interest in basketball again. For a while he had stopped practicing because he said he wasn't strong enough to reach the 10 foot basket. We suggested he try and much to his surprise again he was stronger than he thought. Now he is outside almost everyday shooting until he makes 15 - 20 free throws. He had Danny shagging balls for him the other day. It's usually the other way around. Having his central line dangling on his chest probably plays some part in his hesitantcy to play like he used to. Hopefully, the line will come out soon. Until then we do our best to tape it up so it doesn't get in his way or accidentally get pulled out. Dale misses playing with his friends. I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful for the small victories. We have much to be grateful for. Dale never complains and I am very grateful for that. Thank you all for your prayers and have a great week.


Paul Hirano said...

Hi Dale,
It was so good to catch up on your blog tonight. I am thankful you are doing well and improving each week! It sounds like you are getting stronger, too! It is great to hear you are taking walks, hitting golf and tennis balls, riding bikes,and shooting basketballs again. Kent just tried tennis for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it! We are continuing to pray for you each night, Dale.
Love, The Hiranos

millie said...

Hi Dale,
Countdown....14 days! It's May and we're so excited!!! As I told you, my suitcase is already in the living room so I can start packing!

We're so glad to hear you're doing so well. Can you take me to the tennis court? I haven't played tennis in @ 25 years...I might be a little slow! You can take Uncle Eric to the driving range...

Let me know if there's anything specific you want from Hawaii. I've already gotten the chili (tell mom to make room in the freezer).

Take Care, get stronger and believe...

Oh yes, don't forget to practice our routine...arms all the way around and squeeze tight! That HUG is going to feel so good!

Lots of're always in our thoughts and prayers,

Auntie Millie and Coco (who's leaning over my shoulders while I'm typing this). and tobie too!

Paul Hirano said...

Hi Dale,
I hope you are feeling better today. I hope sometime soon you can play on the Pacers in our basketball game. We have our first FOR tournament game on Friday against the Venice Sharks.
The Twins are still undefeated. In our last game, Cory hit 2 triples, Justin hit one triple, and Taishi did one triple, and last, but definitely not least, I hit one double!

From, Kent (sorry..I already used all my funny names)

The Hinos said...

Hi Dale. It was sooo nice to see you today! You look great! I had a good time walking and talking with you. You have so much energy....I was really proud of you the way you jogged around the guys were beating me! So what did mom end up cooking for you for dinner? We hope to see you again soon, Dale. Until then....take care.

Love Auntie Traci

hi dale. it was nice seeing you again at running. you ran faster than my mom. you even ran faster than me. i can't wait until you play on the pacers again. i will see you when we come to drop off some more ice cream for you and derek and danny. jordin says hi to you too.

ps you will always be the best person on our team
pss i will try to bring my bike the next time we come by


Gilbert said...

Hi Dale,
Everybody in Room 31 misses you and cannot wait until you come back. See you soon!
From, Erica (with help from mom)

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