Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day + 118

Dale had a good week. His labs continue to remain stable. The cyclosporine level is finally down to 247. Although the level is therapeutic now they lowered the dose again in hopes to slowly wean him off his meds. The blood pressure was better this week. He never started back up on his blood pressure medication. One of the side effects of cyclosporine is high blood pressure so now that the level is lower so is his blood pressure. He was also told he could go to his class picnic and the last day of school. This bit of news made Dale very happy. Last week our dear Auntie Millie came to visit from Hawaii. We all enjoyed her company. Dale and Auntie Millie baked a very delicious red velvet cake with butter cream frosting all made from scratch. The recipe was sent to us in the mail by our pen pal Percy the penguin. ( Thank you Percy for the recipe!) The day after eating this heavenly dessert, we went to Torrance Beach to walk off some calories. We were entertained by a pod of dolphins playing in the waves. Auntie Millie was a good sport. She even sat through the Sansei baseball awards ceremony and Dale's first "professional" golf lesson. (not just a lesson from mom and dad) Dale thoroughly enjoyed his lesson . Now the ball actually goes where it suppose to. I sit and listen hoping to catch a few tips for myself. Auntie Millie also pointed out to us that Dale keeps our family on schedule. Dale knows exactly who needs to be where and at what time. If we need a reminder, we tell Dale . That way, we know it will get done. Dale also prays every night and he asks God to bless those who pray for him. Dale's faith and spirt through this journey has been and continues to be strong. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Well, lunch came and went today and as I told you, I wish I were sitting at your dining table. I did enjoy my sandwich from Giuliano's... Uncle Eric enjoyed his for dinner last night. He'll be going back to Kauai tonight so I'll be sending his Giulio's with him. Tell mom, the "sauce" made it safely back to Hawaii.

Next time you hear from Percy, be sure to thank him for the wonderful recipe. The Red Velvet Cake was "to die for" (I wish I took you up on your offer to bring home the last piece)! Please ask Percy to check the recipe for us and let us know when and how we're suppose to add in the cocoa... (Percy... we weren't sure but we added it in at the end of the recipe when Dale realized the cocoa was missing the in directions, but it came out great anyway!)

Thanks for letting me spend the weekend with you...I had a blast! My flight was delayed for an hour but I got to do a lot of "people watching". Let mom know, we'll be back in September (on our way back from San Diego).

Till next time, take care. Keep up your wonderful spirit and we're always praying and thinking about you....

Hugs and kisses (and a few licks),
Auntie Millie

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
Wow, it's day 118 and more. You are doing so well, we are really proud of your progress. You have truly earned permission to go with your class to the end of the year picnic as you have kept up with your school work even while you were hospitalized. YOU ARE ONE TERRIFIC KID ! ! !

Keep up your excellent progress. Our prayers for you and your family. Love, popo and gung gung