Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day +133

School is out and we are now in summer mode. So far the days have been packed with summer activities for all three boys.
Last weeks clinic visit went well. Dale's labs are still stable. Last week Friday, the five of us (Wade, Danny, Derek, Dale and I) played 9 holes at Dominquez. We had a friendly family tournament. Actually, it was a dry run to see if Dale would be able to finish 9 holes on his own and carry his own bag. He started to get tired around the 5th hole so we helped him with his bag. He golfed very well. Derek came in first tying with Wade, Danny second,Dale third and I came in last. I was actually more tired than Dale. Today was the first day of FOR golf at Dominquez. Dale joined Derek and friends Cory and Grant in the summer tour escorted by our dear friend and distant cousin Eric. I watched them tee off on the 1st hole and I watched them finish on the 9th. Dale was still going strong and carrying his own bag. Eric probably had his hands full but they all claimed to have a great time. After golf, Dale and Eric went swimming. Derek went off to basketball camp for the afternoon. Dale was not able to participate in the North High School basketball camp this year. He looks forward to participating again next year. Dale , along with Danny and Derek, have really become interested in the show "Planet Earth" on Animal Planet. They watch it Wednesday nights plus they watch the DVD series that Auntie Millie gave them. Tomorrow Dale goes back to UCLA for his next IVIG dose. Thank you for your continued prayers. Grace and Peace to you all....


millie said...

Hi Guys!
Golf must've been so much fun! I'm sure Dale is using all the techniques he's been learing from Ryan...

I'm so glad you're enjoying watching Planet Earth. I ended up buying one for our household too! It's such a neat show... and so educational too!

July is already here! You guys just finished "regular" school and Nicole will be ending summer school in about 3 weeks. In Hawaii, it's a little different regarding summer school. Almost everyone here goes (or is it that almost everyone here needs the extra help)!

There's a restaurant (Mac 24/7) that's making cupcakes that are twice the size as Sprinkles. I was given one and forgot all about it that I didn't take a chance on eating it (after three weeks in the frig). But...I'll be going there in two weeks and will let you guys know how great it it... I think I'll bake a Red Velvet cake this weekend (but I'll be missing my main chef).

I hope all of you keep busy this summer (I forgot, this is the Inouye family)!

Take Care and all our best is sent your way...

lots of love,
auntie millie