Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day + 110

Dale is doing well. His surgery sites are healing nicely. He is back to wearing shoes and running around and he is not holding his left arm over his incision site any more so I'm guessing it doesn't hurt as much. Last Friday's UCLA clinic went fairly well. However,Dale's blood pressure was 135/104. He has been off his blood pressure medicine for about 3 weeks now. He was suppose to get another dose of IVIG (immune globulin). This usually raises his blood pressure after the infusion because of the volume of fluids given so in order to give it, they had to lower his pressure. So they gave him nifedipine 10mg sublingually and it dropped his pressure to 88/40 in about 5 minutes. I'm not sure what was worse, the high blood pressure or the sudden low blood pressure. I questioned the dose before they gave it to him but they said it would be ok. Dale just kind of slept through it all after given iv benadryl. His pressure improved after the infusion of IVI
G (105/54) . He was not really bothered by it . It certainly raised my blood pressure. His labs were stable. It was almost the same as the week before. The cyclosporine level is now 296. Although therapeutic, it is on the higher side so they lowered the dose again. On Sunday, Dale played his first and last baseball game for this season with his team the "Twins". He was warmly welcomed by his teammates and had a great time. They won and he came home with a big smile. After not having done much over the last two weeks, Dale was pretty sore the next day but he claimed it was "a good sore." Eating is still not a top priority for Dale and lately not for Derek either after having a new set of braces put on last Friday. Danny, on the other hand, is still eating us out of house and home. Auntie Millie is coming to visit again from Hawaii this Friday and hopefully she can get Dale to eat a little bit more. Dale has not been able to turn down her sweet encouragement and her yummy desserts. We plan to get back into golf and tennis soon. Dale , Eski and I continue to take our daily walks and read the paper together. Have a great week. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Paul Hirano said...

It was great to have you back in the line-up for our last baseball game! You did great hitting and fielding. I sure was happy to see you back in a Twins uniform and I know your teammates were too. Take care.
Coach Paul

millie said...

Hey Dale...
I just got home and heard your message on my thought it was a little too late to call you back (10:45pm your time). I'll give you call tomorrow. If in case you read this message before I call you, Planet Earth is on the Discovery Channel.

Can't wait to see you in two days! It was so nice of Ruthie and her mommy Charlene to bring over more pies for me to bring to you...yah to Holy's pies! We should ask Percy the Penguin if he'd like a nibble??? YUM, YUM!!!

I'm so happy to read that you were able to play a game of baseball. I wish I could've been there...

Can't wait to sit on the bench and read those "funnies!" Til then...take care and see you soon.

lots of love,
auntie millie