Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Change in plans

This is a picture of Dale about to recieve his third dose of radiation to the brain. It went pretty well. They let him keep the face mask which he wore at home and scared his brothers. There has been a slight change in plans. The surgery to place the central line has been changed to Feb. 5th. Total body radiation will start on 2/6 and continue for 4 days followed by 4 more days of chemotherapy(2 days of ARA -C and 2 days of Cyclophosphamide). His day of rest will be 2/14 and the transplant with Derek will take place on 2/15 (Thursday). Dale will be admitted to the hospital on 2/5. Derek will be admitted on 2/15. Unfortunately, Dale caught a cold (from me) . We are hoping he will get over it by Monday. He is still going to school. This weekend will be spent doing our regular routine: baseball practice, basketball games, violin lessons and most importantly going to church to pray for a successful transplant. Thank you for your continued support. We are very thankful to those who have signed up to give platelets and blood. If you would like more information about the blood or platelet donation, here is the number (310) 794-7267 - for blood donations and (310) 206-6187 for platelet donations.

Here are a few more pictures. Dale tried snow boarding for the first time last Saturday 2/27 at Mountain High and played the violin at church and at our cousins anniversay party on Sunday.


millie said...


millie said...

hi dale,
you look like you had so much fun snowboarding! seeing your picture, i wish we had taken the drive up from san diego!

we're all praying for you here in hawaii! you are one of bravest people we know! i hope we get to talk to you soon...

all our love,
auntie millie, uncle eric, coco and of course, TOBIE