Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 21 Bone marrow biopsy

Thursday's (1/11) bone marrow biopsy procedure went well. Dale woke up, ate lunch and went off to school . He was able to talk the doctor into letting him go to school. He did wear a mask while in the classroom since some of the kids according to Dale were coughing. With a low white blood cell count, Dale is very susceptible to catching a viral and/or bacterial infection.
Hand washing was deeply emphasized and Dale promised to do it all so he still manages to go to school.
The bone marrow result so far shows " HYPOCELLULAR MARROW WITH REGENERATING TRILINEAGE HEMATOPOIESIS. 0.4% RESIDUAL LYMPHOBLASTS." According to the doctor, this is a very good sign that Dale is well on his way into remission. He was catagorized as a "early rapid responder" which is a good thing. A repeat bone marrow biopsy will be done next week and hopefully Dale will be in a full remission. The day 28 marrow is the important one. Dale received chemo again today. He is now at his violin lesson. He just started to learn to play the violin and loves it!
Take care and thank you all for your prayers.


millie said...

Hi Inouye's,
Glad to hear that Dale has the energy to "want to go to school!" I can see him pleading with the doctor! Remember Dale...WASH YOUR HANDS!

By the way, how's Eski doing? Let me know...we were wondering about her last night.

Remember that you're always in our prayers and hearts. We love and miss you guys!