Wednesday, January 10, 2007

UCLA update

I heard from UCLA today with a preliminary report on the search for a marrow match. There were no marrow matches but there were two 5 out of 6 matching cords (umbilical cords). The doctors at UCLA felt that unless these cords were perfect, Derek was still a better match. So it looks like Derek is still our best bet so far.
Dale's ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is now less than 1000 so he was told today he should stay away from school until
his counts recover. He was very very upset about missing school.
Tomorrow is our big day. He will undergo another bone marrow biopsy and more chemo. Hopefully, it will show that he is in remission or at least on his way into remission. Please pray for God's blessing to be with Dale tomorrow. A full remission by day 21 will take a miracle and we are hoping for one.
Thanks again for your prayers.