Thursday, January 4, 2007


Happy New Year! Our meeting at UCLA was positive . Our whole family attended plus Millie and Eric from Hawaii. The plan is to do a search for a 10/10 match or anyone better than Derek (9/10). They initiated the search that day. Initial results will be available in approx. 2 weeks. If there are any potential matches, those people will be called for further testing. If there is no other possible matches, we will proceed with Derek. In the meantime , Dale and Derek will start preparing for the transplant. (i.e. lab tests , echocardiogram, chest xray, etc,,) Once admitted into UCLA , Dale will receive more chemotherapy and radiation for 10 days to prep him for the transplant. Once the transplant takes place , Dale wil be supported with blood and platelet transfusions , antibiotics and nutrition until his new marrow kicks in. UCLA mentioned stocking up on blood for Dale prior to the the transplant. Once I find out more about this, I will let you know. Dale is B+.
Dale will continue to receive chemotherapy for about 8 weeks. The more treatment he gets before the transplant , the better
so they say. During the meeting, Dale developed a horrible headache. He said he felt like he was going to die. He became nauseous and vomited . Needless to say, this sent us in all different directions, getting water and tylenol and a pepsi.
The doctors felt Dale suffers from steroid induced "migraine" type headaches which explains why the pepsi helps. In a few hours Dale was eating an "In and Out" burger with fries and was off to Long Beach Memorial that afternoon for more chemo.
Dale is also gaining weight from the steroids. His cheeks are rosey and puffy.
Today Dale is scheduld for more chemo. (Dauno,vincristine and Erwinia - Aspariginase) He just finished bike riding with Derek and is now playing video games with Danny. Life goes on....
Thank you for your conintued support and prayers.


Lori said...

Dear Juliann,

It doesn't seem so long ago that we were Dale's age and playing at each other's home. Now you're a beautiful, loving, faithful and courageous Mom which greatly reflects in all 3 of your sons. Trust in God's plan,knowing that Dale is in all our prayers daily. Our heavenly Father will care for him, strengthen him and never leave him for a moment. We've been so blessed by Dale's spirit. Dale, you're going to be a rascal for your family to keep up with when you're well!

Love to you Juliann, and your family

Lori Burns (Hanami)