Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Day + 100 came and went. We were hoping for instant freedom but we were told we need to take it slow. Dale did however eat a sandwich and an apple (peeled of course). He was not able to eat fruits or deli meats until now. He also spent some time with Grandma June and Grandpa and Grandma Miya this weekend as well as his dear friend Keily. Visitation to Grandma's house and the Morimoto house was granted. He was very excited. The only two places he has really been are UCLA and home so this was a big step for Dale. Derek turned 11 yesterday so we had a small birthday celebration at Grandma June's house and Dale was delighted to be able to eat cake and ice cream with everyone. Dale had his port-a-cath(central line under the skin placed about 3 years ago) removed on Friday along with part of his ingrown toe nail. The surgery went well. I think the sight of the toe is more bothersome to me than the incision site on his chest. We go back to the surgeon's office tomorrow for a wound check. His labs were about the same. The Hbg is now 10.1 and Hct - 30 which was exciting. ANC - 1900 Plt - 182,000 The cyclosporine level was still high - 339 so the dose was lowered again. Our next mile stone is the 6 month mark which is August 15th. We are grateful for having reached our first mile stone. Thank you all for your love and support. We will continue to do our best to make it to the next goal. Blessing to you all.....


millie said...

Hi Dale...
Cake and ice cream....YUM!!! Shall we bake a cake for Derek when I'm there next week? Maybe we can ask Percy for his wonderful Red Velvet Cake recipe (Percy ...we'll share with you).

Did you get to try the apple pie from Holy's Bakery yet? I think you saved the best for last! Uncle Eric and I were tempted to buy one yesterday but we thought about all the extra weight we have and decided not to. You have to try it before I come back up next week so you can let me know which ones are the best and I can get you more... (Thanks to Ruth M. and Charlene for bringing it to me from the Big Island).

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. I'll be seeing you SOON! Until then...

Take care and we love you!

auntie millie

Audrey said...


Its still so nice to read about how you are doing through the blog. We miss seeing you. Whenever I bring up your blog, Kristen and Kevin huddle around the laptop. They enjoy reading about you and seeing your pictures. We hope to see you again. I know coach Randy misses you out on the court!

Take care,
The Kiehm's

Paul Hirano said...

Hi Dale,
This is Kent's mom. I wanted to tell you how excited I was to hear that you played baseball with the guys this Sunday! I heard our team won the game, too! I am sorry I missed the game, but Kent told me you made a solid hit! Way to go!!!!

I also wanted to let you know we are still praying for you, Dale. Our family is so encouraged by all the progress you have made.

The Hiranos