Monday, May 7, 2007

2007 Ride for Kids

Dale's first experience riding a motorcycle at the 2007 Ride for Kids event at Honda Headquarters with Alan Kusumoto.


millie said...

hi dale,
wow! how cool was riding uncle alan's motorcycle? it must've been so much fun and what a nice benefit! when i first read you went bike riding, the hamada's came to mind and i thought "yikes, fast motorcycles!"

remind me to tell you a funny story about uncle doug and when he had a motorcycle....

i'll talk to you this week before our trip. if you think of anything you want from hawaii, let me know...

lots of love,
auntie millie

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
We're so proud of you that you are doing so well. Keep up the good work! ! ! How lucky you were to have ridden a motorcycle. I bet it was lots of fun to have the wind in your face and have your hair blow with the wind too.

You are so lucky to have all of these activities to do with your family at your side, but like all good boys, you have to have your homework and chores done too.

We are so proud that you are now off some of your pills and meds and that your 100 days is near. Take care when you go in to have your line removed, we are still praying for you. Our love, popo and gung gung.

mishii said...

Hi Dale,

I wish I knew you were there. I was one of the guys on the Police motorcycle zooming by to help block the traffic. I'm glad you had a good time. It was a perfect sunny day for the ride. Hang in there and let's ride again next year.

Mike Ishii (Emily Ishii's dad; I think she's sitting next your brother in class).

mishii said...
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