Monday, May 21, 2007

Day+ 95

This past week was an exciting week for Dale. Auntie Millie and Uncle Eric came to visit from Hawaii. They spent time with Dale just doing what Dale does, taking walks with Eski, sitting on the porch reading the paper and just hanging out. We went to the lake in Harbor City to try to see Reggie the local alligator but he was hiding that day. By Thursday, Dale's surgical wound had pretty much closed up so the four of us went to Dominguez and attempted to play nine holes again. It was a little hard since we hadn't touched a golf club in 2 weeks. Millie and Eric also accompanied us to UCLA this past Friday for his routine clinic visit and IVIG infusion. Unfortunately, the other central line (portacath) had apparently clotted withing the last 2 weeks. When the nurse tried to flush the line with saline, Dale screamed in pain. He has had this line for 3 years and this has never happened. So a periperal line was started in Dale's arm to give the IVIG, and blood was drawn (after 3 attempts) from his arm as well. Later that day a dye study of the line revealed a clot at the tip of the line . As brave as Dale has been over the last few months, this brought Dale to tears. He was scared and in pain. The nurses assured us that this was a common occurance and not to worry. The surgeon was notified and the line will be removed as soon as possible. Other than that, the clinic visit went well. The liver enzymes are now down to AST - 28 ALT - 25 Bili - 0.7. The Hgb - 9.0 Hct - 28.6 Scr - 0.8 (this is slowly rising) The cyclosporine level was still high - 363 so the dose was lowered again. If we could get the cyclosporine level down, hopefully the Scr will also come down. ANC - about 3000. His prednisone dose is now 2.5mg every other day so by next week we hope to be completely off the streroids. Dale continues to lose weight which according to the doctors is a good thing because he could stand to lose some weight. Dale is in good spirits. We are grateful for all of your continued prayers and support. Blessing to you all...


teddi said...

Wow Dale, good going ! ! ! It must be nice to have Auntie Millie visit in person!!
It must have been more than an ow-wee to bring you to tears, but you have been oh so brave, all of this time, with so much other stuff that was going on.

Keep up the good work with exercise, eating and following those directions from the doctors. You are doing very well. Our prayers to you and your family. With love, Popo and gung gung

millie said...

Hi Dale,
Do we miss you!!! I go through my days seeing you studying with your teacher, typing on your laptop, walking Eski and keeping yourself busy!

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay with you this past week. We were so honored to have been able to spend so much time with you. I miss walking Eski and just hanging out. I miss it so much, I'll be back in a couple weeks!

So, did you try the apple pie yet? I agree with you, the peach is my favorite so far... the coconut was delicious too!

Sorry, I was a bit confused about Percy. I thought he was hanging out with you. I didn't realize he had just moved into the area and is getting acquainted with your neighborhood. Thank you for sharing all the notes he's been sending to you. (Percy...thanks for sharing your adventures with us!)

Remember what I told you before I left... to continue to be the brave young man that you are, keep up the good work on taking all your medications and keeping your entire family ON TIME AND IN LINE! You are simply AMAZING!

All our love and you're always in our thoughts and prayers...

Auntie Millie

Brad Chang said...

Hi Dale:

It is good to hear that you are doing so well and making progress on your recovery. I chuckled when I read that you neede to lose some weight... too many Krispy Kreme donuts?

Thanks for making my day. We got your nice note and we are glad that you enjoyed the movie "Facing the Giants". It's a favorite in the Chang household.

We keep you and your family in our constant prayers. Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Maybe we'll run into you folks at the basketball tournament.

May the Lord continue to shower you with blessings and use you to spread His love & grace.

Love & prayer,

Uncle Brad

millie said...

Hi Dale,
It was nice chatting with you this morning....

I want you to know, I've been on a PBJ kick... I skipped the airplane meal and had my PBJ sandwich instead. I had one for breakfast yesterday and today too. Nicole had to have one too!

Heard "Reggie" got caught. Mom says he's at the local zoo. We'll have to go and visit him...

Have a great Memorial Day... We're enjoying the day and remembering all our loved ones...

Aloha and SEE YOU SOON!

Auntie Millie