Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day +88

This week we had to keep a low profile. Dale's central line started to inch its way out. We're not sure how this happened, possibly the golf , tennis , basketball and handball had contributed to the movement of the line. On Friday, Dale's Broviac line was removed. The removal took place at the outpatient surgery at UCLA. It took all of 5 -10 minutes. He was up and drinking 7-up by the time I got to the recovery room. He was smiling and ready to go. We went to clinic before the surgery on Friday. His labs were stable. The liver enzymes continue to improve. (AST came down to 36) . The cyclosporine level for some reason was still high despite the dose decrease last week so they lowered his dose again. Dale started losing some weight, which is a good thing. His appetite has decreased now that he is almost off the steroids. Eating seems to be a chore for him lately. Life is a little easier with this line out. Dale is still taking it easy until the site heals. Have a good week. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
So glad to hear the great news that you're continuing to do well! Actually, it's so WONDERFUL to see you.... I'm on mom's computer right now and you're doing your homework in your room!!! Thank you for allowing us to be here and spend some time with you.

Today, we went to see "Reggie". I just heard about "Reggie" when we got to Los Angeles. He's the "alligator" that's been living in the lake (somewhere in Harbor City). Unfortunately, "Reggie" wasn't anywhere to be seen...only the pigeons, ducks and geese.

By the way, Percy (the penguin) will be going home with me for a month and he'll return when I come back in June. Is that OK with you Dale. You can let me know by the end of this week...

Until next time, the hugs are warm, the smiles are bright and just being able to "hang" with you has been WONDERFUL!

Lots of love...
Auntie Millie