Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day -1

The nausea was much better today. He actually got out of bed this morning around 9:30 am and had a cup of water that didn't come flying back up. He then had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch and pediasure for his mid afternnon snack. Dinner was a simple bowl of ramen noodles. It doesn't sound like much but it was a lot considering he hasn't had anything to eat for the last 2 days. Today was supposed to be a day of rest but acutally he received IVIG and cyclosporine. IVIG offers passive immunity. His wbc is now 0.05. zero here is considered 0.00. In my book, 0.05 is zero. The Hb is 9.0 and the platelets - 70,000 Dale will probably need a platelet transfusion in the next couple of days. Platelets are transfused once the level drops below 20,000. Dale spent most of the day doing his school work and book report on Benjamin Franklin. Derek is nervous and Dale is excited. Derek's bone marrow harvest is scheduled for 12 noon on Thursday 2/15. The actual transplant into Dale will occur around 4-5 pm. Please continue to keep them both in your prayers. Danny will join us later with Rev. Derek around 4pm. Thank you for the cards and well wishes. We are very grateful for all of the loving support given to us.


The Mersburgh's from Hawaii said...

Dale and family, we continue to uphold you in our daily prayers. Ruth and I got to go back home to the Big Island today. It was very exciting and emotional. We have been away for over 5 months. Aunty Millie called us today and reminded us that it is your big day. We send lots of love and prayers from Kona, Hawaii. We have tell everyone we meet about you and your family. Aloha from Charlene and Ruthie

The Hinos said...

hi dale i hope everything went ok today. i will write to you every day to keep you company. you don't have to write back if you aren't feeling good. i hope you get stronger each day. we're here for you dale.

your friend,