Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day + 11 & Day +12

Day +11 was a pretty good day. Shari came to visit and took pictures as you can see on yesterday's blog. The platelets on 2/26 were 104,000 after the transfusion on the 25th. If you were donor number 8123720, thank you for your platelets. The platelet bags that were donated for Dale that do not get used on him are released and used on other patients in need of platelets so thank you again to all of Dale's donors. The Hgb is now 8.6. Hct - 24.6. He's getting closer to needing another blood transfusion. Later in the afternoon yesterday, Dale received the biggest and most unusual bouquet of balloons I have ever seen. It was awesome. The nurses were in awe too. Unfortunately, the balloons were latex balloons so the hospital didn't allow him to keep them so the delivery person from "Balloon Celebration" in Westwood took them back and brought back another huge bouquet of balloons, this time all mylar . It was so big, we gave some to the other transplant kids so we would have some room to move around. Dale was so excited.
(Thank you Chad) One of the balloons is a huge sun with a smiling face. It is nice to have the sun in our room. I will try to post those pictures on the blog . Now that Dale is eating 3 meals a day, the TPN (iv nutrition) was stopped as well as the Acyclovir (anti-viral - he finished his 5 days course). His iv pole looks bare now. The cyclosporine level is better ( 265 ) and so is his blood pressure. We worked hard on finishing the Ben Franklin report and puppet. There's still a few more things to do.
Day +12 - Dale is up finishing up the cover page for his report and then on to finishing his puppet. Morning labs - wbc - 0.09 (this goes up and down). He received an extra dose of methotrexate yesterday to slow down the grafting process so this might account for the slight drop. plts - 65,000 Hgb and Hct are still holding at 8.6/24.1. Scr 0.5 . Hopefully the day wil be uneventful with no new surprises (medically) .
Captain Barbossa -
Hi ya matey! It seems the crew is having a blast. Just checking to see how you're doing.
From, Captain Jack - P.S. Make sure the crew takes a bath. "you smell funny"
Thank you for your comments on the blog. We look forward to reading them. Thank you also for the prayers. Blessings to you all.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Can't wait to see pictures of your balloon bouquet! It must be awesome!

Tobie and I are getting ready to go to Kapiolani. I sometimes wonder if he knows how much happiness he brings to the children in your situation. I wish he could talk to me, just for one day....please! Actually, you know that Tobie does talk to us (in his own way)... I'll send you his "calling card" that he gives to the children.

Glad to hear you're eating 3 meals a day! Wow...that's awesome! Keep up your strength and terrific attitude!

Well, I hope mom gave you your hug from me...because that's the best feeling...a HUG!

Till tomorrow, take care and we're always thinking and praying for you!

Love ya!
Auntie Millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale show us a picture of all of your balloons we want to see them did you play handball or basketball against your mom today i will taik to you tomorrow


Audrey said...


You look great as a sushi chef. Kevin and Kristen love sushi...especially the fish egg one. Thanks for posting the pictures...its great to be able to see you. I shared your pictures with Uncle Randy. If you need more blood donations, let me know. I have the same blood type as you!

Take care,
Audrey and the rest of the Kiehms