Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day +7

Thank you Pacer team mates and friends who have commented back. Dale and I enjoy reading them. Today's challenge was still the high blood pressure. It has been running in the 120 -150s / 80s - 90. The doctors are watching his In's and Out's closely. The cyclosporine level today was 313. The target level is around 300. After yesterday's transfusion, his platelets were 95,000 this am. wbc-0.08, Hgb-9.2
Dale is eating more each day. He was happy to announce to the doctors this morning that he ate a whole bowl of cereal. He hasn't been able to eat cereal for the last 5 days or so because his mouth was sore. Again, Dale spent most of the day doing his school work. I encourage him to take a break but he says "no thanks, I'm good." There are a lot of things I need to do for Dale during the day. I give gim a mouth rinse called Gelclair 1 hr before he eats to prevent mucosal damage to the mouth , after he eats he brushes his teeth and rinses with chlorhexidine mouth wash to keep his mouth clean. This routine is repeated 4 times a day. After his bath, I have to apply cream all over his body, powder him with antifungal powder, put another cream on his buttocks and change his line dressing. This whole process takes almost an hour. Sometimes I forget to do something but Dale is always watching me and will remind me what I did wrong or what I forgot to do. He watches Wade like a hawk during his shift. When I return, I get a full report on how dad did. Dale has also figured out how to read the iv pumps and knows exactly why it is beeping and when it will beep next. While I talked to the many doctors that come in to see him, Dale is reading and studying their name tags so he knows most of their first and last names. I have a hard time with all of the different interns, residients and fellows. I do however, know all of our attending's last names but Dale knows their first and last names. It's funny what you do when your confined for a long time. Dale has not seen the outside of this room for almost 3 weeks now. Thank you for your prayers. It's what gets us through the day and we are grateful.


teddi said...

Hi Dale,
We've been reading mom's accounts and know that both you and Derek are so brave. Our prayers to all of you. Our love from Hawaii, Popo and Gung Gung

millie said...

Hi Dale and Jules,
Everything that mom writes about you, I can see you doing! You are terrific!

I have a story to tell you about my dad... in getting him ready for his bedtime, while I was changing his "underpants" (he doesn't like us calling it diapers), I was wiping his "okole" and he tells me "Be careful, my "okole" is not very educated!" What was he trying to tell me? I told him "Don't you dare!" Well, I was lucky, he didn't do anything while I was cleaning him...Yikes! Can you imagine? Let's not go there!

Glad to hear that you have the strength to do your homework!!!

You're like the children I visit at the hospital. They know exactly what to do when their machines beep, etc. In fact, this week, one of "Little Ruthie's" friend Tishelle's machine was beeping and they told me "Can you plug it in?" I panicked! "What?" I didn't know what to do... They just wanted me to plug the machine into the electrical socket. Something so simple yet I was panicking!

Till tomorrow, WE LOVE YOU and Tobie is waiting for you...

Love and aloha,
Auntie Millie
(of course, Uncle Eric, Coco and Tobie)

The Hinos said...

hi dale how are you doing that's really good how you are able to keep up with your school work i hope to come and visit you as soon as you can have visitors let me know what game boy game you want and i'll get it for you and bring it ok have a good day tomorrow dale