Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day +6

Today's challenge was Dale's blood pressure. It was as high as 157/104. The care partner (nurse's aid?) kept trying to get a better reading but the more she tried the higher it got. The doctors felt it was due to the high cyclosporine level (413- normal 200-300) and the iv steroids. Dale also needed a platelet infusion today (plt - 25,000). If you were donor number 8123661, thank you! Dale received your platelets today. The blood pressure was really high after the platelet infusion because of the extra volume so they gave him some lasix (20mg) again. He started diuresing within the hour and the BP came down to 120/78 or so. During that time, Dale was working hard with his hospital teacher trying to finish his book report and math assignments. She has been so impressed with the thousand cranes folded for Dale he decided to show her how to fold origami today. Finally, after all the excitement with the high blood pressure was over, Dale took a well deserved nap. He never takes a nap. I think todays nap was drug induced since the nurse gave him benadryl and tylenol before his platelet infusion. He continues to eat hospital food. Last night he actually ate a hot dog sent up special by the dietician. Today was macaroni and cheese special ordered from the hospital kitchen and Grandma Miya's chicken long rice. We are happy he is able to eat a little bit more now. No ativan today but he continues to get zofran (anti-nausea) around the clock and still has the scopalamine patch on. Wade was off today so I went home to vist Derek and Danny. They are both doing fine. Derek is getting around better now. God bless you all.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Wow, a hot dog! I think we need to get you some Zippy's chili to go with it... Macaroni and Cheese...YUM!

Glad to hear you're doing good. I check your site several times a day to see when mom posts her next entry. It makes me feel better to read how you're doing because I wish I were there! So, I'm going to write to you everyday (you're going to get tired of reading my entries)!

When you talk to Derek on the "cam" tell him we said HI and that we're pround of him too! And, tell him to give Eski a big hug from us. I'm glad she's OK.

Til tomorrow, remember we love you and are ALWAYS thinking and praying for you...

Love and Aloha,
Auntie Millie

The Mersburgh's from Hawaii said...

You continue to amaze us with your strength. Your a true fighter. Glad to see that your eating. Keep up the good work. We continue to pray for you and your family.
Lots of Aloha from Kona,
Ruthie and family

The Mochizuki's said...
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The Mochizuki's said...

Dale - you are so brave & strong! Wow what you go through daily and even staying up with your homework! You go D! Glad to hear you are eating! Craving anything? If so I could try to make you whatever sounds yummy just send the requests my way and I'll have auntie cathi come drop it off. Ok I hope I don't bore you but I want to tell you a story about how we got Lucky Boy aka LBGump (his name is a story too). One Sunday night about a month ago, Uncle Dennis, Ali & I were having this delicous dinner at Musha (the best risotta ever yummy :) We went behind Mitsua the market, on our way to pickup Dylan at Auntie Lani's. There was this little dog running around in the street. We turned around parked and tried to get him to come to us. He was so scared & jittery he kept running away, finally he ran under a parked truck trailer, hit his head on a metal bar (He's not very graceful) and sat down. We sat on the sidewalk hoping he'll settle down. Uncle Dennis opened my passenger car door and boom...he jumped right in and sat his little butt down! just like that! We immediately jumped in and he sat on Ali's lap the whole way. After we got Dyl, you could tell he's ridden in cars before, very calm, we took him home. What could we do 8:00 at night? He was kinda smelly and dirty so Ali jumped into the shower and scrubbed him down (Auntie doesn't like smelly & dirty dogs). He was used to this too and let her soap and rinse him. He had two little ponytails on top of his hair, I had to cut them off since they were so tangled, good thing too since he was a boy and did look silly with two ponytails. Anyways we set him up in our garage with a bed, water and toys. He cried a bit but finally went to sleep. Our other two dogs, Tippi, the queen (our rescue maltese who is 7) and Kimiko (our poodle bijan mix called a poojan who is 4) were going crazy trying to see him. But I didn't know if he had any diseases or icky things so i kept them apart. The very next day, Uncle Dennis & Ali went around looking for lost dog signs, checked the local papers, called all the animal shelters and took him to our wonderful vet, Dr. Omoto. He was chipped (a computer chip under their skin so owners can register themselves in case they get lost) but the chip company had no owners assigned to him only last know location was a local shelter. Oh back to the vet, he was healthy, a puppy around 1 years old (acts like one) and had to be de-wormed, since he had these tiny, nasty worms in his poop, yuck! So after exhausting their search they could not find a owner for poor Lucky boy. So next best thing, I asked my girlfriend, Debbie would she like him and of course dog lover that she is (she already had 4 and just lost her yorkie, pierre) agreed to come that night and get him off our hands. I know, sounds heartless but I didn't want a 3rd dog in my house, 2 was enough! Sleepy yet, bored? I'll continue another day...sending prays & love to you and your Family, Auntie Wendy

The Hinos said...

hi dale what kind of book report are you doing i'll tell you what my science project is about i soaked one of my baby teeth in gatorade for one week to see if the tooth would rot and the conclusion was that my tooth was still there hope you have a good day tomorrow