Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day +13

Dale finally finished his Ben Franklin project. It is due tomorrow. Derek finished his president's report yesterday. Now we can relax for a few days until the next assignment. No transfusions today. The Hgb stayed at 8.5 and the plts - 56,000. Maybe tomorrow. One of the hardest parts of the morning is when the nurse hands you the lab results for the day. I always want to know what the plt count is first. Dale's mouth sores are healing and so is the bottom although he still complains it hurts a little still. No real significant signs of engraftment yet. Dale received another dose of IVIG (immune globulin) today. The nausea medicine is now only given if needed instead of around the clock. He continues to eat well. Grandma made miso soup for him tonight and he really enjoyed it. Wade came up for the afternoon and the two exercised then watched Naruto movies . Who knows what else they did while I was gone. Thank you for your continued love and support.


Nancy said...

Hi Dale and Family, It's so great that you blog daily. (I'm the Morinishi's friend, Nancy, who also had a BMT last year. Sorry, every time I blog my photo automatically appears.... I don't know how to get that off. it happens because I also had a blog I just have to comment that I also had a lot of anticipation and anxiety when the nurses handed me my daily labs. Although, I was concerned with the wbc's, for some reason I had much difficulty holding onto platelets. So I also looked at platelets before anything else. I received platelets daily (sometimes two units a day) for a long time. After hospital discharge I must have contracted some type of virus because I had trouble with platelets again. It's better now but I can sure empathize with you. The IVIG, the platelets, red blood transfusions, mouth sores, and nausea meds are all too familiar. (I received over 200 transfusions last year.) But, remember, this too shall pass. It did for me and it will for you. Dale, you are a trooper and I commend you on your ability to keep up with your school work! Keep it up & Stay Strong!!! nancy

The Hinos said...

hi dale i like naruto too we raced a car with your name on it at our cub scout derby race last week i think drew's dad made it yours won twice i'll talk to you later