Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day - 4

Maybe it was the rain, but we both slept in until 9:30 am. Day #2 of chemotherapy with ARA-C got off to a rocky start. Finally got around to eating breakfast around 10:30am. Unfortunately, Dale became nauseated again around 11:30am and lost the breakfast he just ate. I think it was the 3 tabs of bactrim he had to swallow that made him nauseous. The nurses decided to step up the anti-nausea meds. Now he gets Zofran every 8 hours around the clock instead of every 12 hrs plus phenergan i.v. for breakthrough nausea. It seemed to help. He was able to keep lunch and dinner down. Dale spent the day building lego and watching the Lakers lose again. Auntie Sharon, Uncle Kenny, Auntie Cathie and Auntie Judi came to visit while I went home. It was a nice break for Dale. Cathie and Judi gave us the guest book from the blood drive today at Faith UMC. We were both shocked and very greatful for the overwhelming outpouring of support for Dale again. I read through each and every name on the guest book. A big heartfelt thank you for your help, your time and your gift of life. From what I understand, there were more donors than bags so some people were not able to donate blood. There were approximately 90 something people who signed the guest book. It makes a difference knowing that the blood that is being transfused came from someone you know. Dale felt so much better after his blood transfusion yesterday. He was smiling and laughing again even if he was a bit nauseous. Yesterday's transfusion( from a designated donor) took his Hg up to 9.4 and Hct - 28.4 today. His wbc,however,is now down to 0.8 and the ANC(absolute neutrophil count)is 700. The nurse this morning told me "everything is coming down nicely". The goal is to get to "0". Thank you for your tremendous effort and support today. We thank God for family and friends like you. God bless you all.