Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day +4 and Day +5

Day +4 was not all that new and exciting. Dale spent the day talking to Derek on the web cam for 2 hrs and throughout the day. He did some school and homework. He asked for the ativan but this time only received 0.25mg instead of 1mg. It was just enough to relieve the nausea without getting too "happy". He ate better and actually went to bed before 10:00 pm. Day +5 - we actually woke up before the doctor's came to visit us. The morning was a little rough. He complained of chest pain and burning. He was put on protonix 40mg daily for the acid reflux. The doctor's also decided to start a prophylactic dose of acyclovir (anti-viral) because of Derek's chicken pox exposure. The cyclosporine level was just about 400. the goal is between 300 to 350 so the dose will be lowered. Dale asked for another 0.25mg of ativan and it did the trick because he actually ate the hospital food today!!! Most of the day was spent catching up on school work and his book report. We played basketball for a while and accidentally broke the wall clock. Dale was shooting free throws and aimed a little too high. Our nurse was very nice about it. Physical therpy is here now and they are doing stretches and strength exercises. The platelets have dropped to 44,000 and Hgb is still 10.0. Maybe by tomorrow he will need more . Thank you for your conintued prayers.


The Hinos said...

hi dale that's kind of funny about the clock you're pretty strong hey dale did i tell you that i have a corn snake his name is pink panther i feed him baby dead rats i have to work on my science project now i hope you have a good day tomorrow dale


Kent said...

Hi Dale,
I hope your bone marrow transplant is going well. I have been praying for you every day. I hope you get stronger every day. Can you let us know when we can visit you? I am telling my mom what to write and she is typing this for me, but don't tell anyone, it's embarrassing!

I read that you like to play with Legos. If I can visit you, I will bring my Lego spaceships I made.

The Pacers are now two-time, undefeated league champions!

Your super-cool, basketball and baseball teammate,


millie said...

Hi Dale,
I don't think your mom will like having a corn snake and feeding it dead baby you'll have to visit Noah on that one!

It's so nice to see your friends writing to you, it brings a smile to my face too.

Are they adding the broken clock to your "bill?" Are you using a "real" basketball? I know, mom's the one who threw that basket right???

I see Uncle Eric sending you Reiki at his desk and it makes me happy to hear that you're doing well. Lots of people who love you are praying for you and I know our prayers are being answered.

Lots of love and "kisses" from Tobie!

Auntie Millie...

eric from kauai said...

hi dale~
hope you're doing well. i've been sending you reiki every chance i get.

i'll have some of my friends send reiki to you too.

auntie millie and i will try to fly out to see you when you get out of the hospital.

uncle eric

The Mochizuki's said...

Derek you are so brave to give so much for Dale, what a true hero you are!
Dale - hang in there, sending you loving prays and healing love from the Mochizuki's and the dog pound, Tippi (the queen), Kimiko (the sweet one) and Lucky (LB Gump, aka mushroom head). Give your parents our love too!

Audrey said...

Hi Dale. Its Kevin. I hope you are feeling ok. My dad was asking how you were and what hospital you were at. We talk about you and how you are doing every day. My mom brings up your web page and tells us how you are doing. Let us know when you can visit you.