Monday, February 26, 2007

Irashaimase! "Welcome to Dale's Shoeshi House" May I take your ordah? :)

Dale's crane farm... They're multiplying! Got Love?

Peace, out...


The Hinos said...

hi dale we enjoyed your pictures we had practice tonight and i missed seeing you there my mom said she missed getting snacks from your mom we can't wait to come visit you hope you have a good day tomorrow dale


millie said...

hi dale!
i can just taste the sushi you made for us at grandma june's house! can i put my order in for the next round? two california rolls please!!!

love your pictures! the cranes are awesome! little ruthie gave me some origami to make strawberries; i'm going to get you some so that you can teach your nurses and teacher.

i read some really nice notes from your dad's company. even saw that "auntie ruthie" wrote to you. do you remember going to their house, you played ping pong, pool, foosball (sp?). next time you come to hawaii, we'll have to go over again.

you've got the whole world cheering for you! it's because you're an inspiration to all of us!

take care and until tomorrow... i love you! give mom a hug for me and she'll give you one from me (remember arms all the way around and squeeze tight)!

lots of love...
auntie millie

eric from kauai said...

hi dale~
let me know when you'll be open for i can order one of your special sushi rolls that uncle mike taught you to make.

i got a call from he bone marrow registry. they asked me if i was still interested as i may be a possible match.

all i could think about was you and! you guys are so brave.

i told them that i would be happy to do it! they told me they would get back to me should they want to do some test.

auntie millie and i are still planning on flying over to see you when you get out. let us know when would be a good time for us to come over and we'll book our flights.

until then...

uncle eric