Friday, February 23, 2007

Day +8

The doctor's told us this morning that Dale looked better and Dale agreed that he felt better. His mouth sores are slowly improving along with his bottom. He actually ate 2 bowls of cereal this morning. I usually give my kids non-fat milk but I gave Dale whole milk this morning for the added calories and he really liked it. The doctor's told us that this improvement Dale is experiencing may be a sign that the white cells are starting to grow. His palms are slightly more red which is also a sign. Hopefully it will reflect in his blood test by the middle of next week.
Yesterday, I drove down to Marukai to buy Zippy's frozen chili because for some reason Dale started to crave it. So today for lunch, he had Zippy's chili and rice. He ate until he was full. He said it has been a long time since he felt full. After lucnh, Dale and I played handball against the wall and more baseketball. He even jogged aroung the room with his iv pole. Dale spent an hour with the teacher today and continues to finish up his schoolwork. The cyclosporine level was high again so the blood pressure was a little high again this morning . It should improve as the level goes down.
Noah- Thanks for sharing your experiment with us. Now we know we can drink all the Gatorade we want and our teeth won't rot. Thank you all for your love and support.


teddi said...

Hi Dale,
It's midnight here in Hawaii (Friday) and I just wanted to say "hi" to you and to tell you to "keep up the good work!" You are doing such a good job eating. You know, gung gung couldn't eat much when he had sores in his mouth, but you're doing really well. We're hoping that you're eating Kellogg's cereal OK? Wish I was there to cook you some jook. I know how much you enjoyed that the last time I was there. I'm waiting for a L and XL "Aikea" shirt, but I've been waiting a week now and haven't seen signs of it, so maybe I'll just send what I have as there's a shirt for you, Derek and mom. Danny and dad will just have to wait. I'll try to get the box off to Uncle Kenny early next week. Please let me know if there's anything else I can send. I'm glad that you were able to get Zippy's chili and that you enjoyed eating it too ! ! ! Our love to the whole family. Keep up with those studies too !!! Aloha, popo and gung gung.

Audrey said...

Missed you at our last game. We played the Lightning and won. We haven't practiced the last two weeks because of "some president's birthdays". I really can't wait to coach you again.
See you soon,
Coach Randy

David said...


I work for your Dad's company in Dallas Tx. I just wanted to let you know that my entire Sunday School class is praying for you and your family. Your are very brave.

millie said...

Hi Dale,
We must be on the same wave length! Nicole and I had Zippy's chili for dinner too! Except I had to add the hot dog that you ate the other day...

Glad to hear that you're doing so well! You go get' um! Keep up the great attitude and before you know it, you'll be home (and I might be there waiting for you)!

Lots of love...
Auntie Millie