Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day -3 & Day -2

Day-3 was a little rough. It was the first day of two on cyclophosphamide/mesna (chemo). Dale was initially overwhelmed with all the new bags, iv pumps and lines. He looked like he was going to cry but held it in. Shari came by in the morning and took some pictures. (She posted some on the blog yesterday). Wade and Derek also came and Derek tried to keep Dale busy to keep his mind off the nausea. But by mid day, he spent the rest of the day trying not to throw up or throwing up. Nothing stayed down . By late evening he was crying because he felt so bad. He could not move his head in fear of feeling sick. But by 11pm after more zofran and phenergan he was feeling better and took a bath. For some reason, last night he had to get up every hour to use the restroom. Needless to say, this morning (Day-2) Dale was exhausted and slept unti almost noon. The nausea was better today. He did not eat anything but managed to drink water and some juice. It is about 6 pm now and Dale has already taken a bath and gone to bed. Today was the last day of conditioning. Cyclosporine iv started today and will continue for a while. We are proud of Dale for having bravely completed the 10 day conditioning regimen. Thank you for your prayers.


The Hinos said...

Hi Dale and Derek! I was finally able to get onto your blog. My computer would not allow me to get on....Uncle Chip said my computer is old and can't do a lot of things. I read each day of your blog and I can't believe what a strong person you are, Dale! Derek, I hope you know how special you are in giving your brother such a wonderful gift. Be really proud of yourself! I know both of you are going to get through tomorrow with no problems, because you have God watching over you and you have so many people praying for you. You both will be in our prayers every day, and we will be thinking of you both! Be strong and just pray when you feel like times are a little tough ok? God's going to be right there for you! We love you guys and we know you're going to be ok. Please let us know when we can come to visit you....if it's possible to do so.

Love always,
All of us in the Hino house!