Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day +14

Today is 2 weeks post transplant. Dale's wbc is now 0.15. It increases ever so slowly and hopefully it continues to increase. Dale received platelets today. If you were donor #8123929, thank you very much. His platelets were 24,000 this morning. The Hgb is down to 7.9. Hct - 22.6. He mentioned this morning that he felt tired and weak so he will possibly receive a blood transfusion tomorrow. The liver enzymes continue to increase. The ALT is now 174 and AST - 67. Total bilirubin is 0.4. The doctors suspect the GVH (graft vs. host disease) is flirting with the liver. Other than this, there are no other signs of GVH but it is still very early. Sally came to sit with Dale so I went for a jog through Westwood. It was fun seeing some of the shops and restaurants that were around when I went to school here. I also visited with 4 pharmacists that I used to work with when I was an intern at UCLA. (almost 21 years ago) I was the only one that had aged . They looked the same. Dale spent the day doing homework and building legos. Dale invited me to participate in his daily stretching and exercise routine. I must be gaining weight if he asked to me exercise with him. We also spent some time shooting baskets. No handball today. Around 3:15pm , Dale waits for Derek to call. Derek calls everyday after school and then about 4 or 5 more times after that to see what we are doing and to see how Dale is. He also wants to know which nurse is working and somehow ends up chatting with the nurse instead of us. Danny calls once a day , twice if he needs something.
Thank you for your prayers. We hope and pray that Dale's liver will be able to sustain the heavy load that has been put upon it. Grace and Peace to you all.


millie said...

hi dale,
somehow...when food is mentioned on your site, i get hungry for that particular item. i think i'll have miso soup for lunch today!

i hope by the time you ready my message, you're not feeling so tired.

bless all those who have donated platelets and blood. i used to be underweight so i couldn't donate, but NOW (a few pounds later) i'm of weight! i'll do it for you! i think tobie would too; do you think they'd take his blood? you might start barking!

as danny had asked at ucla during your consultation...will he pick up derek's traits? what's wrong with that?! derek's a great guy! but of course, he's a brother... i know what it's like to have a bother (oh, i meant brother)!

till tomorrow (did i skip yesterday, i actually worked for a few hours)? take care and HUGS, HUGS AND MORE HUGS! LOVE YOU!

auntie millie