Friday, March 2, 2007

Day +15

Well it turns out that Dale doesn't need a blood transfusion today. The Hgb - 7.6 but the Hct went up slightly to 23.1 so it didn't change much from yesterday. Today's blood work showed 28.6% nucleated red blood cells which are immature red cells which means his new marrow is trying to make some red cells now. The wbc is 0.17, slightly up from yesterday. plts - 85,000.
Dale practiced his violin today. It was relaxing for both of us. He was given a project by the child life specialist to take pictures of his room and write about what it is like to be in the hospital and in particular, this room. She then takes the pictures and stories and uses it as a teaching tool for the nurses. Dale wrote the worst part about the BMT was that he can't eat the things he wants to (i.e sushi, salad, fresh fruit,) and it's boring living in the same room day in day out. He also wrote it is exciting when the doctors give you good news but the best part is having your donor be your brother. He ended with this sentence " Bone marrow transplants are all not the same but I know it is a little hard for everyone." I find it amazing that he only views this experience as "a little" hard. Dale brought out the nerf gun today and shot at the little window on the door for a while. We thank God for all of the little miracles we have experienced so far. Blessing to you all.


Ryan Saruwatari said...

Hey Dale,
What's up? I thought that your Benjamin Franklin puppet was cool. Josh and I have still been making up girlie names. We still haven't come up with one for you yet. I miss hanging out with you. How are you feeling? We are all praying for you.

Please write to me when you get a chance.

Your friend,

millie said...

hey dale,
i've seen you go through a lot and you always amaze've never complained (not to me anyway)! you are always brave and just do what you need to do. you know when you need your medications and what kind too!

i've always told you, "as adults, if we were going through what you are, we'd be complaining and moaning about not feeling good." you truly are a brave young man. mature beyond your age....

we miss you! as soon as you have an idea of when you'll be going home, let us know and we're coming to visit!

always in your prayers...
auntie millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale sorry i couldn't write to you for a couple of days but my dad was doing some work on his computer so i couldn't use it how are you doing today how is derek doing i will talk to you tomorrow


eric from kauai said...

hey mr. dale,

how's it going. we're here at home at pacific hts on a sunny sunday afternoon.

we can't wait for you to come visit us. tobie said he's waiting to go to the beach with you.

take care and don't break any windows...

oh yeah...tobie said he misses you too!

uncle eric

Paul Hirano said...

It's so good to hear you are hanging in there. Just writing to tell you the Twins won our first game today. Everyone hit well and we had some great plays on the field. All the boys would say hi!
We are all praying for your continuing recovery. See you soon!
Coach Paul

teddi said...


teddi said...

Hi Dale,
I'm sorry for not being able to send off my comments, but for some reason or another, I could not log in properly. I even tried to create a new google account, but was successful only this evening.

It's been nice to read all of the other comments and I too need to congratulate you on being such a BRAVE guy. Both you and Derek are "right on". The balloon bouquet was really super and you were so good to share with the others -- you are too much ! ! ! I especially enjoyed all of the pictures that have been sent.

Our prayers for your speedy recovery. Aloha from Hawaii, popo and gung gung