Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Day +20

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday except Wade was here for part of the day. The wbc is now 0.64. ANC - 390 ! The ANC has to be at least 500 for a few days before you get to go home. The Hgb/Hct is the same. Platelets are down to 58,000 but since they were above 50,000 Dale played basketball and ran around the room again. He said his stomach muscles were sore from doing sit ups. Our BMT dentist/friend brought Dale a stationary foot pedal thing like on a bike but it is just the pedal part so it doesn't take up too much room. We are both looking forward to trying it in the morning. The hospital teacher was absent today so Dale worked on his own today. Later this evening, Wade and Dale watched the NCAA basketball tournament until it was time for Lost. Dale watched Lost while I changed his central line dressing. He doesn't seem to mind as much when I peel the tape off his skin when he is watching tv. The other day I peeled it too fast and took some of the skin off too. This can be a source of infection so I had to apply topical antibiotics until it formed a scab. It looks better today. We are grateful for these uneventful days . Thank you for your prayers.


teddi said...

Hi Dale,
So good to see that you're doing much better ! Do you know that you do more exercise than we do? We're truly couch potatoes now that we've retired. Got some stuff off to Uncle Kenny's house for you and your family, so I hope it gets to you soon. I don't know if you are on a restricted diet, but it looks like you can eat most things. So I hope you can at least take a sample or two. Our love and prayers, popo and gung gung

millie said...

hi dale,
when i left my comment on day +19, your mom had just posted day +20! it was within seconds.... i thought about leaving a comment then but i thought i'd wait till today.

finally sent my box to you this morning. the cookies might all be in crumbs...i dropped it into the "bin" at the post office and it made a loud "thump". that's because the bin was empty! you can share your crumbs with the doctors and nurses (big island chocolate dipped shortbread cookies)!

sounds like you'll be getting lots of goodies from hawaii (i read "popo's" note). enjoy!

take care and LOVE YOU LOTS!

auntie millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale,
i'm glad that you're doing much better today! i hope you come home soon. we had our first baseball game and i think we won but they don't keep score. my dad likes lost too. talk to you tomorrow.