Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day +28

Dale is now 4 weeks post transplant. His labs this morning were questionable. Some of the numbers were way off (Hgb- 14.2/ Hct - 42.6) so the labs were repeated this afternoon. They came back better but this time the wbc was 2.98 and the ANC - 2000. That's a pretty remarkable jump from yesterday so they we will be repeating it in the morning. The Hgb/Hct the second time came back 9.5/28.6 which is more consistent with the previous labs. platelets - 61,000. This to me is questionable too. The big step for us today was the i.v. cyclosporine was changed to oral. He took 6 capsules but it was better than being hooked to the iv pole for 4 hrs. Dale worked hard during the day to finish his school work before the UCLA game. We had a lot to do since we had to catch up from yesterday. He finished it all and UCLA won! After the game, Dale and I played "horse" . I lost again. It's not that I didn't make any shots but Dale would make the shot after I made it so he hardly got any letters. He then played with his basketball hat for a while. After dinner, he watched a show one of the nurses told him about called "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" He really got into it. It was fun to watch. Our nurse today was Dale and Derek's transplant nurse but unfortunately for us, today was her last day at UCLA. ( Good luck Lisa!) Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We could not have come this far without it.


millie said...

good morning dale!
it's early for me but another day where i have to work! i'll be going to hanauma bay and hopefully, take a few minutes to enjoy the scenery... on your next trip, we'll go do the "night" snorkeling.

glad to hear you're off the pole! i can't imagine something following you around all day (especially since it doesn't talk to you, take that back, it beeps)! then you call the nurses and tell them you're beeping...

sometimes when tobie and i are visiting patients, their machine goes off and they tell me to press the button??? what button? i'm not a nurse, i'm a doggie's mommy! yikes!

i think nicole will be going to los angeles before i make it up there. she's going up with uncle lorrin and her granny to see a play called "wicked" on easter weekend. uncle eric said he'll be going snow boarding once more (in april) maybe i'll sneak away to see you then! don't tell him (it's a secret)!

glad to hear ucla won! must be because you did your homework, that's the lucky charm! was the whole hospital watching the game?

till may be my last writing for the week, we'll have to see. till later, take care and WE LOVE YOU.

you're always in our thoughts and prayers....

auntie millie

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
I can't believe it's Friday already. Keep up the good work and all of that exercise. In no time at all it'll be spring break and then there's no homework huh? Take care, we love you. Popo and gung gung

The Hinos said...

hi dale we have a baseball game on sunday and i'll let you know if we win i wish you could come we hope you get stronger every day it looks like you really work out a lot see you later and have a good day


teddi said...

Hi Dale,
Happy St. Patrick's Day. Are you wearing any green? If not, a pinch and a "little" punch for you OK? So good that you can "move about the cabin" a lot more than before, and your exercise schedule is so good and positive. Wish I could move around as well as you do. We're having corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and onions for dinner and Mint ice cream for dessert -- just a small dish. Can you have ice cream yet? If not, I'll eat an extra scoop for you OK? You take care. Our love and prayers, popo and gung gung