Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day +33 and +34

Day + 33 was Wade's birthday so Dale baked him a cake. He really did bake him a cake . All I did was crack the egss for him because I did not want him to touch the eggs. He wore a mask and gloves to protect himself and baked an awesome carrot cake. He had good training from Auntie Millie. Having a good memory helps too. He remembered things that he and Millie did when they baked the cake together before. I of course, didn't remember. His labs from Monday were pretty good.
wbc - 5.2 Hgb - 9.2 Hct - 27.7 platelet - 183,000. The platelets got a boost from the transfusion on Sunday. ANC - 3375. Dale has since started back on a medicine called Dapsone for PCP prophylaxis. This drug can cause bone marrow suppression so hopefully his counts will continue to improve despite the initiation of the dapsone. His labs will be checked again on Thursday. Having Dale home was probably the best present Wade could have ever hoped for.
Day + 34 - The sun finally came out today so Dale went for a walk down the block after riding his pedal bike thing. He came back with tired legs. The day whizzes by for me now that I don't have the conveniences of the hospital services. We are grateful to have Dale home. Friday is his first clinic visit at UCLA . Thank you for your prayers. God bless you all.....


millie said...

hi dale,
yum! can i have a piece of carrot cake? i bet it tasted better than when i make it!

we went to a buffet the other night and they had carrot cake. i decided NOT to have a piece because i didn't want to be disappointed with a bad piece of carrot cake.

today was our last day of skiing and the girls decided to go shopping instead. the boys hit the mountain! it was a little warmer today. we didn't have to wear our jackets outside, just a long sleeve top.

glad to hear you're doing so well. can't wait to see you! i'll give you a call so that i can hear your voice. that'll make me happy!

give eski a hug for what dog food you're feeding her. there's some really BAD dog food out there right now.

oh yes, give mom, dad, danny and derek and hug too. remember, arms all the way around, hug tight and squeeze! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!

auntie millie