Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day +21

Horray! 3 weeks post transplant. The wbc is now 0.76. ANC 469 Platelets 46,000 and Hgb has dropped to 7.7 Hct - 23.3 . No transfusions today but probable in a few days if not sooner for blood and platelets too. The liver enzymes are back down again ALT - 138 AST - 48 Bili - 0.5
As the doctors have said, these numbers will go up and down. (normal ALT is between 4-45 and normal AST - 7-36 ) Dale rode the foot pedal bike thing for 7 minutes this morning. He still jogged around the room for 5 minutes later in the afternoon. I am surprised he has the energy to do this with a Hgb of <8. He was yawning a lot this morning while he was doing his math. I couldn't tell if he was tired from the anemia or from staying up too late again. Dale was also started back up on Dapsone today ( another medication to prevent pneumonia in immuno-compromised patients) Wade came up again for the afternoon and watched the UCLA basketball game with Dale. I went home to watch Danny and friends Jordan and Matt at their swim meet at the Plunge today. Danny and Jordan along with 2 other team mates won their medley relay and 200 free relay. (Popo - Jordan won the breast stroke race . Kenny was there taking pictures and thank you for the yummy snacks) Dale called me every 10 - 15 minutes with an update on the UCLA game and I updated him with the results of the swim meet . I could not believe it when he told me UCLA lost in overtime. I think everyone at the pool side heard me yell "what!!??? They LOST!!!!" By the time I made it back to UCLA, Dale had finished up his school work and was playing with a rubic's cube. Derek's isolation or incubation time from the chicken pox exposure is now over so he came to visit Dale tonight.(just in time because Wade's computer died today so we can't use the web cam) Dale was really happy to see Derek. He told me after Derek left that it was good to see him in person. Before Dale went to bed, we talked about what we would pray for tonight. He said a prayer for all of you who have been praying for him. Please know that he is very grateful for each and every one of your prayers. He also prayed for the boy across the halll who had a BMT last week and wasn't feeling so good today. Blessing to you all.


millie said...

Good Morning Dale...
It's 7am (Hawaii time), I'm usually not up this early but I have to work today (what work)!!!

I'm so happy to hear about your exercising because I can only believe that you're getting better. I don't remember anyone having the energy that you do while going through their BMT.

I can see the big smile on your face when you saw Derek. Did you give him a BIG hug? You know, arms all the way around and HOLD TIGHT!

Glad to hear that Danny did well at his swim meet too!

I spoke to Kyle Hamada the other day. The Hamada's seem to be doing well...

OK, I'm really "working" today. Gotta get Tobie ready for the "doggie daycare". And then get Nicole ready for school...

Till tomorrow, take care and give mom and big HUG (directions above) from me!

auntie millie

Anonymous said...

So, the criminology department at CSULB has a group of people who would like to donate platelets... but it sounds like you're doing all too well now, and don't have that great of need for them... what do you guys think?

(Kirk & Kathy's neice, in case you don't remember me... :))

The Hinos said...

hi dale i'm glad you're getting stronger now and have a lot of energy i think you have more energy than my dad we're glad derek is ok i have a rubiks cube too can you complete yours? i'll let you know how our team does to you later