Friday, March 23, 2007

Day +36

Today was our first post BMT clinic appointment. We went in at 9am and finished by around noon. We saw some familiar faces. Some of the attending doctors and fellows who took care of Dale in the hospital were there. Labs from yesterday's blood draw at home by home health were wbc - 5.0 ANC - 4140 Hgb - 9.6 Hct 27.6 Plt - 100,000. The repeat platelet count today was 75,000. He may need another platelet transfusion again soon. The liver enzymes were up again. If the enzymes continue to increase, the doctors are thinking of adding another immunosuppressant mediation to keep the new grafted marrow from attacking the liver. Not another pill! We hope and pray that liver will start to recover or at least not worsen. Another set of tests showed Dale was not drinking enough liquids at home. So, Dale is on a mission to drink around 2500 ml/day . Dale takes walks around the block now, somethimes even two times around. He patiently waited fot NCAA baskeball to start up again. Yesterday , Dale made a paper chain from paper Percival the penguin sent in the mail.
It has 65 links to represent the count down to 100 days post transplant. He cuts off one link each day, (Thank you - Percy)
Thank you for your continued prayers.


Audrey said...

I'm glad that you are home now. My dad and I are in a NCAA pool. I'm beating him. I have North Carolina to be champs. Who are you cheering for? Hope I can come visit you soon. Bye.


Enos Family said...

Hi Dale
Just wanted to let you know were thinking of you. We pray for you every night before bed you are at the top of our list. How is Happy Feet? Do you like fruit dipped in chocolate ? Stay Strong ooxo The Enos's
ps Thanks for keeping us posted

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Hi Dale,

I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to me and my wife. My Wife was diagnosed with high risk Leukemia in January and is going to have to have a Stem Cell Transplant a lot like your transplant.

We checked your blog every day to see how you where doing, while in the Doctor's waiting room, or in even the Hospital. The Nurses and Doctor's at MD Anderson caught us reading it and started asking us about you. They thought you were really cute!

We are so happy your home now!

Please keep us updated.


millie said...

hi dale,
we're back in hawaii! i do miss the snow and the "cooler" air.

thank you for your message about kyle's b-day. i told myself to call him from the airport (while in los angeles) but the security lines were "crazy" and we were worried about getting to our gate on time. so i forgot all about calling kyle until the plane was just leaving the ground. it was too late. when we arrived back in hawaii, it was around 8:30pm (11:30pm los angeles time). our luggage didn't make our flight??? we got it today, 18 hours later!
but i did call kyle today...

we're praying for you that your tests go well tomorrow. uncle is sending you reiki (and so are his friends). be strong and you'll be fine! remember what master hong said about you...."he's a strong boy!"

i saw "little ruthie" and her mom (charlene) today. they check your blog and are amazed that you're already home. "auntie" charlene says you're a miracle and i believe it too! she continues to pray for you... they came to honolulu for ruthie's 2 week check up and also to attend a ronald mcdonald house celebration.

until tomorrow (yes, i'll be on everyday again), take care and we'll be praying for great test results tomorrow!

love you!

auntie millie

p.s. i forgot to tell you, i spent the day in the emergency room today... "nurse" betty aka grandma betty, was giving grandpa tets his insulin shot and grandpa tets moved around so the needle broke and grandma said the needle point was still in his stomach. well, the doctors couldn't see the needle in the x-rays. case of the missing needle point.....

Lori said...

Hi Juliann,

Welcome Home! I know it's a different routine that I think you're going to be happy in... just taking care of all your family under one roof. Your daily blog was such an awesome outreach to share with everyone how amazing God is and how powerful prayer can be. I just give God the glory in His miracles throughout Dale and Derek's transplant procedures and recovery. Thanking Him for the wonderful care Dale received and that you were able to be with him the whole time. Dale, keep counting down those days and then prepare your brothers and friends for your celebration day. You're gonna be unstoppable! I really enjoyed all the pictures your Mom posted, especially the basketball on top hat and your cpr on your stuffed animals.

My Mom sends her love, Juliann.

Lori (Hanami)

millie said...

hi dale,
checked in yesterday but i got news about your test through your mom (i talked to her on the phone).

i'm glad to hear that your school work is continuing with your tutor coming to your house. i remember your teacher. she's really nice! keep up the good work!

uncle is going skiing again (this time portland) in a couple of weeks. i was hoping to come and visit you while he went skiing but nicole has a big dance production in april.

so, now it looks like we'll be coming up in may. can't wait till may comes around...

take care and your're always in our thoughts and prayers...

auntie millie