Monday, March 12, 2007

Day +25

The labs this morning were still the same. The wbc and the ANC did not budge. We want to see it continue to increase but for some reason the white blood cells are at a plateau. The doctor stopped the Dapsone that was started last week since his numbers are not continuing to increase as hoped. The platelets were 86,000 and Hgb and Hct were the same. Dale enjoyed his freedom from the i.v. pole for 8 hrs today. He ran around the room . We played basketball and handball and it was a lot more enjoyable without having to worry about the iv line. He played the violin and played with his new basketball hat. You wear the net on your head and throw the balls up in the air and catch it. The balls are ping pong size balls. One of the nurses wanted to try it out. It was a lot of fun watching them . Shari came by and took more pictures. She said she would post some soon. Dale also demonstrated his CPR technique for her. The day went by pretty fast so it was good. Please pray for Dale's new marrow to start making more white cells again. This will be our ticket home. We are thankful for having made it this far. I tried to remind Dale (and myself) that the marrow will kick in when it's time ( God's time) and not when we want it to and when it does it will be very strong. He nodded his head and went to sleep. We truely believe in the power of prayer. Blessing to you all...


millie said...

hi dale,, i can't believe how many day's have gone by!

i'm so glad that we're able to read how well you're doing through this website. your mom does a great job on filling us in and bringing a smile to our face. although, i really don't understand half the stuff she's talking about. now, if she were talking about "a gross" or 12 dozen pieces, i'd understand!!!

today's a very wet day in hawaii. the clouds are everywhere! it's 11am and i have to turn the room lights on to be able to see (you don't think it's my eyesight)!

we'll be leaving for lake tahoe on friday. it's nicole's spring break. i'm bummed because we'll be stopping in los angeles but only for about 40 minutes. i wanted to see if we could change our flight to a later time so that we could "run" and visit with you! i'll let you know...

until tomorrow...take care, have fun playing basketball and WE LOVE YOU! we'll continue to pray for your speedy recovery...

auntie millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale your new basketball hat sounds cool i'm glad you are able to be away from your iv pole for a while i have to go to my brothers scout meeting now so i'll talk to you tomorrow i will pray for you