Monday, March 5, 2007

Day +16, +17

The weekend went well. No transfusions. The wbc today was 0.28. He actually had an anc around 200. That was exciting. (anc=absolute neutrophil count) The Hgb went up to 8.1 on its own without a transfusion. Hct - 23.3 . The liver enzymes are a little better (ALT-142, AST-44). The platelets however keep dropping. It was 36,000 this morning. They told us this would be the last to come up. He will probably need another platelet transfusion tomorrow. I spent Saturday at home with Derek and Danny. It was fun doing things with them. We have a new set of doctors again but they are really nice and very encouraging. They all take the time to explain things and answer any questions Dale or I might have. We didn't do much exercising today because of the low platelet count. We watched a DVD made by some very funny friends to entertain and cheer Dale up. It did what it was suppose to because he laughed through the whole thing. (Thank you and well done!!) Later in the day, Dale wanted some peace and quiet so he turned the TV off and started to read a book. He told me I could go even though Wade had not arrived yet because he wanted some "quiet time" so I did. I did not realize I was so noisy. Dale continues to eat well, maybe too well at times but it makes the nurses happy. He also stays up late still. Our schedule here is a little off. Thank you all for your prayers.


millie said...

Hi Dale,
Spent the day with my dad today. It was a peaceful day, non eventful and no possible "accidents!"

My mom, "Grandma Betty" prays for you everyday. She always asks about you and said to send you her "hellos". We had our usual Sunday dinner and we're all hoping that soon, (maybe this summer) you and your family will be at one of our dinners.

I went and bought Nicole a Wii today. She's so excited. She started talking about you guys and when you play your games.

Well, it's late here... 11:30pm (in Hawaii) and I'm so tired. I'll read and write to you tomorrow...

all my love,
auntie millie (tobie too)!

The Mochizuki's said...

Hey Dale, how's it going?? It's nice to hear how you are doing and glad to hear its been ok. You hang in there. We pray for you daily and send healing rays your way. Our boy LB Gump is currently taking all the stuffing out of all the dog toys. I find animal stuffing everywhere, he's messier than dyl & ali combined. I tried to copy, paste some pictures for you but can't do on this blog. I enjoy seeing your pictures and loved those balloons. Agh..gotta go save a stuffed toy from the monster. TLL, Auntie Wendy

The Hinos said...

hi dale how are you doing are you working on any projects for school right now friday i went on a whale watching trip i saw two whales oh yeah i forgot to tell you that my snake shed its skin i will show you it when i see you have a good day tomorrow


Uncle Rick said...


I read your blog everyday. I finally joined and got a google account.

How is the violin going?

Have a good day. I look forward to seeing you soon

Uncle Rick

Ruthie said...

Hi Dale,

Glad to see you are doing okay. I think about you and pray for you too each day.

Let's see. Did I do anything exciting this past week. Well, I taught a class and stayed at the Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel. They just renovated and they will be converting to a Hilton Hotel in a few months. Their renovations was done really well. I liked the big 45" plasma flat screen TV. You would have loved to play your games on it. The room was really high tech too. It had an A/C system that would shut off if there was no movement or the doors were open. It was very modern looking, but still had a taste of Hawaii in it with pictures of plumerias.

Well have to do a little work tonight, so you take really good care of yourself and your family.

Hugs to you & your family,
Auntie Ruthie