Monday, March 5, 2007

Day +18

Today was a pretty good day. The wbc is now 0.38. ( I can't wait until we get to 1.0) The Hgb/Hct is about the same but the platelets dropped to 23,000 so Dale received platelets from donor # 8124031. (Thank you!)
Today was also the day his other port needed to be flushed. He was a little nervous about having someone new (someone other than his Long Beach nurses who knows how tricky this can be) access his port. But all was well , the port drew blood and the line flushed easily. Praise God! After the platelets were infused, Dale was able to do his exercises, play basketball and handball again. We played for quite a while. He also practiced his violin for about an hour. It took about 20 minutes to tune first. (Rick/Kathy - I think he's ready to learn a new song)
This evening, Dale and I played poker and Texas Hold'em. I thought I was winning until Dale suggested we go all in so I foolishly did and like always, Dale came up with an unbeatable hand and took all my chips. After I lost all my chips, Dale suggested we play for " chores " but I said "no". game over. He spent the rest of his evening doing homework and reading. This was his choice to sudy not punishment for taking all my chips. He also made sure Derek finished his poster that is due tomorrow. He sat in front of the web cam constantly telling Derek to get back to work. Derek gets easily distracted so Dale tries to keep him focused. We hope that all is well outside of our UCLA world. Blessing to you all.


eric from kauai said...

hi dale,

how about going into a partnership with me playing texas hold 'em. i think we could make a lot of money. we should really think about this!

uncle eric

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
I just returned from LV last Tuesday and certainly didn't do as well as you did !!! I did find a new shopping area called Boca Park and it's got clusters of stores all over many areas. It's kinda like the shopping area on Crenshaw where there's Trader Joe, Islands, Macaroni Grill, etc. There's a Mimi's over there too. That's where we ate lunch. You need a car to get there, but it's really in a newly developed area.

You must be a "power house" at the hospital with even providing concert entertainment with your violin. You are so good to be a "slave master" for Derek. I'm sure he'll thank you for making him finish his homework so he can play with you too.

Our prayers for a speedy recovery. Love, popo and gung gung.

millie said...

hi dale,
now i know why everytime i visit, you want to play texas hold 'em! i'll need to bring "extra" money to play with you. my speed is the penny machine is las vegas!

i can hear you "derek, get back to your homework!" what would he do without you...? how was danny or did he try to stay out of site from the web cam? i bet he did!

tobie and i do our visit to the hospital today. as usual, we'll be thinking about you. the playroom at kapiolani is packed with nintendo, xbox, ps3 and a wii too! unfortunately, the wii isn't set-up because they need a tv!

until tomorrow, keep up the good work! you're always in our prayers...

auntie millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale so what other kind of card games do you like i like to play poker, blackjack, and hawaiian go-fish i will bring it when i come visit you i will teach you how to play hawaiian go-fish talk to you later