Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day + 29, + 30

Day + 29 labs - wbc - 2.2 ANC - 1600 Hgb - 8.7 Hct - 26.4 Plt - 41,000 We were excited that the wbc stayed in the 2's. The liver enzymes went up a little again but the doctors felt it was still fairly stable. My college roommate came to vist (Kathy O) so we went for a walk to UCLA and had lunch at the what used to be the Treehouse in Ackerman Union. It is fancy food court place now. Sally sat and visited with Dale. We walked through campus back to the hospital trying on the way to remember what each building was called . It was a nice break. Dale of course did his schoolwork and then watched the NCAA games keeping close track of the wins and losses. He proudly announced that he was ahead of me by four teams. So far, Derek and Dale are doing pretty well on their predictions. Dale received a letter from his Arlington teacher today. It brought a big smile to his face as she filled him in on the lastest room 31 news and drama. Dale is very blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and classmates.
Day + 30 labs wbc 2.6 ANC - 1860 Hgb - 8.8 Hct 26.8 plt - 45,000 . cyclosporine level 206 (goal - 200-300) so he just made the cut off. Dale worked on his letter back to his class today. He seemed to enjoy writing to them. After writing the letter, it was pretty much basketball all day. Dale told me he watched every single NCAA game on TV today. I've never seen Dale watch so much basketball. Funny how a little monetary incentive will peak your interest. Dale was started on oral steroids tonight. One more step closer to going home. Thank you for your prayers. Blessing to you all...


The Mochizuki's said...

Dale - heard you got Auntie Lani's platelets you feel like vaccumming in the middle of the the toliets at 2:00 am? Cooking for many people? She doesn't sleep much so if you are's her platelets working...glad to hear your numbers are up and running..You are watching the NCAA tournament? that is Uncle Dennis's favorite time of the year! He's always watching and on the phone with his bro Uncle Kent, yaking about who's winning and where they stand in their pool. Funny how grown men can yell and gossip about basketball! The dog pound was getting alittle narly and stinky so I had them professional groomed...I don't do this too much maybe 4 times a year, usually I do this myself but it'takes hours...and it's ot much fun. I actually told the groomers to just take it down real low all over and especially mushroom head lucky...he actually looks better with less hair on his jumbo head. Tippi and Kimiko look alittle bald, but i prefer the clean look, and then Tippi can wear her dresses to keep herself warm, yes we dress the little one..she actually has some nice stuff. T shirts like "killler dog", "surfer girl", pictures this little 6 pound white maltese with lots of attitude, those little dogs are full of it and think they rule the world. Yesterday, our neighbor was walking his yellow lab, hoku, who wandered into our garage, so i opened the garage door and out comes Kimiko, charging, barking and protecting her turf, Hoku backed up so fast and ran was funny to see this 60 pound dog run away from a small 12 pound one. Ok, we now have had Lucky Boy Gump 2 months and he's getting better on his potty training...not the best or smartest thing in the tool box but he's growing on us...Wow you sure practice your basketball..good for you, love the hat in the picture, careful with mom's aim you might get one in the eye! Take care, love to you and prays always, Auntie Wendy

Paul Hirano said...

Hi Dale,
My mom is typing this for me today. I hope you are feeling better. Sorry I haven't written to you for awhile.
The Twins won their second game of the season. The score was 26 to 0.
For my birthday I got a Nerf Long Shot gun and a brown Nike beanie that I always wear.
I am still praying for you everyday before I go to sleep.
From, The cool, crazy, chaotic Kent

millie said...

hi dale!!!
it's me, from lake tahoe! i'm so lucky that chase (yap) brought his computer with him that i could check your site...

we went up to kirkwood today. it was so nice up there.... next year, i promise, we'll come and meet you to go skiing (or snowboarding).

everyone here says hello, auntie nadine, uncle james, chase (y), chase (w), uncle eric and coco! we just got back from dinner, went to get cold stone but crazy people, the line was soooo long! don't they know it's snowing outside and they want ice cream! that just reminded me that the next time i'm up there, we have to go eat ice cream!

i think tomorrow we're going to heavenly. auntie nadine is one one side of heavenly, we're staying on the other side of heavenly. where we are is a little higher elevation, coco had altitude sickness this morning. she and i waited in the car for a couple of hours (at kirkwood) and she felt a little better.

there's a lot of dogs walking around lake tahoe. we miss tobie so much! we met a dog named "millie" the other day at the sports store. she hangs around the store all day!

take care, glad to hear you're doing wonderful! we love you and miss you....SEE YOU SOON!

auntie millie