Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Day +19

This morning the doctors rounded really early. They came in about 7:30 a.m. and Dale and I were out cold. They didn't have much to say which is a good thing. The wbc is now 0.55. ANC - 240! plts = 95,000 . The liver enzymes went up again. (ALT - 184, AST = 80) I was concerned but the doctors were not. They said they have seen much higher. This is the highest level for Dale so far which for me is worrisome. But like everything else, Dale is in God's hands so I am trying not to freak out over everything. Since the platelets were high enough, Dale and I played handball and basketball twice today. He jogged in place for about 5 minutes and broke out into a pretty good sweat. He said it felt good . I started to jog in place with him but I quit after 2 minutes. We tried some new exercises yesterday from a magazine I was reading but we both woke up with a back ache this morning so we didn't do those again today. Instead, Dale did some crunches and push ups. I sat and watched. The evening was spent doing homework again but this time with Auntie Wendy. I went home for a few hours to help Derek start on his new project for the Science Fair. Thank you for the comments on the blog. We really enjoy reading them. ( Thank you Noah and Millie for writing everyday) Thank you for your prayers too.


Audrey said...


Hello. This weekend the Pacers are going to be playing in a basketball tournament. I wish you were there to play with us. How long do you think you will be in the hospital? I hope not too long...maybe I can come visit you when you can have visitors. I hope you feel good today.


Alan said...

I've been reading your blog everyday and it is just amazing to see how well you handle everything. You are just a special person. Juliann, I can't say enough about how much I admire you and your whole family. Me and Julie pray for you everyday and know that God will take care of everything. God bless you and please let me know if we can be of any help.

Alan & Julie

Jihyon said...

Dear Dale,

You are a true inspiration and a hero! Uncle Rob and I ran the LA Marathon this past weekend and as mommy and daddy know, I have become very involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and have been training with their Team In Training. You have been so inspiring to me with your strength that now I have completed 2 marathons with you as my honoree. I am so honored that I can represent you. I am training for my 3rd now and through all the friends I have made during my training and hearing about you and your strength, I have asked they donate platelets and blood in your name. They are more than happy to and I know a few will be going to UCLA to make their donations. You are in our prayers everyday and your spirits are incredible! You are truly my hero!


Auntie Jihyon, Uncle Rob, Bryce, Chase and Torie

p.s. Bryce, Chase, and Torie say "hi" and miss you. They can't wait to visit you when visitors are allowed.

the fujitas said...
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The Hinos said...

hi dale what kind of homework did you have we are learning about indians right now the megalopolis tournament is this weekend and i will be thinking of you i'll try my best to score some points for you have a good day tomorrow dale


Paul Hirano said...
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Paul Hirano said...

Hiya Dale, I asked my dad to type this note to you again. I had a good day at school today. I was first at finishing my division paper in class. I also played a basketball game against the 4th graders at recess. We won the game. The score was 26 to 22. Daniel Enos was on my team. I scored 8 points and Daniel scored 6. The Twins won their first baseball game of the season. We had 4 triples in the game. They were hit by Justin, Cory, Kyle S., and Taishi. I slid into home and was just barely safe. It was fun to slide! We won the game 16 to 10. I got 3 hits and grounded out once.

I am working on my social studies homework and we are learning about the government and stuff like that.

It was fun seeing you on the webcam.

See you later alligator,
From Kent the Crazy Maniac

millie said...

Hi Dale,
Does UCLA have a Ronald McDonald House room? They have one here at Kapiolani Medical Center; it's for families who go to visit their family member and when they feel like resting, it's a room that's set-up like a "house". I'm going to start volunteering to "sit" in the room from next month. I was hoping Tobie would be able to accompany me but the hospital said he can't. Tobie needs to have a chaperone with him whenever he's at the hospital.

I'm so glad to hear you've been exercising. To me, that means you're getting better and you have positive energy!

I'd love to hear you play your violin the next time I come to visit. You must be really good!!!

Can't believe how many "comments" you have today! I love it! It's so wonderful that there are so many people who are thinking about you and praying for you...

Until tomorrow...I Love You!

auntie millie