Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day + 27

Hope you enjoyed the pictures Shari posted. I think the comments that Cory and Glenn come up with are great. Today the wbc went down to 1.44 but the ANC was 850. The Hgb/ Hct - 8.5/26.6 and the platelets 49,000. He may need a platelet transfusion in a few days. Today he received another dose of IVIG ( immune globulin). This infusion is given over about 6 hrs so Dale was not free from the pole today. IVIG offers passive immunity for immunocomprised patients. I made my weekly run to Marukai for Dale's favorite Zippy's chilli today. Derek had his follow up appointment with Dale's Dr. Finklestein (hem/onc) today so we stopped at Marukai on the way home. Derek has recovered nicely. His Hgb is back up to 12.5 Hct - 37.7. After the transplant, Derek's Hgb was 9.7 Hct - 27.7. Dale also had a chance to talk to Dr. Finklestein and his nurse Cindy over the phone while we were there. We haven't seen them since we were admitted to UCLA so it was nice to see everyone at Long Beach today. According to Dale, not much school work was accomplished because he and dad were too busy doing other things. He did not specify what these other things were and I didn't ask either. Percy the Penguin had been a loyal pen pal to Dale. Letters of his/her (?) adventures around the world and all sorts of cool places are still arriving by mail almost everyday. Today, Dale showed me a letter with a picture attached as always but this picture was a picture of Percy with his teacher and the students in his class and another picture with the principal at Arlington Elementary. Percy is a plastic penguin who wears goggles. Dale was very suprised to see that Percy the penguin had visited his classroom. (Thank you for the letters , Percy) Thank you for your continued comments on the blog. Dale and I really enjoy reading them. (Popo, the comments are the first thing I read when I turn on the computer too. Can't wait to taste that pie!) It was really neat to read that friends that we haven't seen in years are praying for Dale too. What a blessing it is to have sooooo many people praying for Dale. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it. Grace and peace to you all.....


the fujitas said...

Hi Dale & Family.
My name is Staci Fujita and my son Kai (6 years old) was diagnosed with ALL when he was 3 years old. Kai recently completed chemotherapy on February 9th and finally got his catheter taken out this past Sunday. I just wanted to send our best wishes to you and let you know that we are thinking of you all! We are out here in Orange County, and hopefully one day we'll be able to meet you. Take care!

millie said...

hi dale,
how cool is that? to be one of the people that donated platelets and you received their donation!!! i'm truly grateful to all those people who donated (even if theirs is not being used by you).

love the pictures! i love your ROSY cheeks (can't wait to pinch them... oh, you're not a baby anymore so i guess i won't pinch them). can i KISS them? SMACK!!! you know i will too!!! sorry dale, i got my affection passed on from my mom.... she still calls me to this day just to tell me that she LOVES me!

I'M SO HAPPY...(you can ask mom why)!!! it was so nice to hear moms voice yesterday (she called me while she was going to pick up derek). derek called me too, asking me about my pez... it was so nice to hear his voice too!

we'll be leaving for lake tahoe tomorrow. uncle eric had to send in his computer for repairs, so i may not be able to send you any messages till i return (on 3/25). i can try through my phone, but i'm not that "akamai" (smart) when it comes to that technology stuff. i'll ask coco. she'll know how to do it...

hey, a thought just came to mind... is dad working on sat. morning? maybe he can meet us at the airport...hmmm, let me know!

ok, till tomorrow....we love you and SMACKAROONIES!!!

auntie millie

The Hinos said...

hi dale that basketball hat is really cool i'll have to try it out one day what other foods do you like to eat right now i like salmon, curry, soba, and steak i'll talk to you tomorrow have a good day


Wayne said...

Hi Dale:
April and I have been reading your blog daily and think about you, your Mom and Dad, and Danny and Derek every day. We're looking foward to when we see that all of your blood numbers, like ANC, are in ther PERFECT range.
Our friend, George, from North Carolina, said he'd like to meet you when you're ready to see the general public. He had ALL and had a stem cell transplant in November 2002. He's doing really good and even rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Anyway, just keep doing good and we'll see you when you get home. If it's ok, we'll keep on writing too.
See you soon.
April and Wayne H.