Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day +23

It's Saturday again and the next attending doctor and fellows start their week of service. We've gotten to know most of the doctors now so it's not as worrisome anymore when they switch. The wbc is now 0.81 ANC - 510 Hgb - 8.3 platelets - 27,000 so if you were donor number 8124203 Dale received your platelets today. (Thank you !!!) The liver enzymes were about the same so we were happy about that. Dale finished up his homework quickly today so he could work on his rubic's cube. With a few tips from Wade and the internet, he was able to figure it out. I took a nap while Dale did his daily exercise routine. He was sweating by the time I woke up. Oh well, maybe I'll join him tomorrow. Tonight while Wade and I were at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor banquet , Auntie Kari, who is also Dr. Kari sat with Dale for us. She is also a CPR instructor for her fellow dentists so she taught Dale how to do CPR using an ambu bag . The nurses were giggling and watching from the little window on the door and offered to be his " dummy" to practice on. Dale used his stuffed animals. He demonstrated for me and I have to admit his CPR technique was pretty good. He checked the airway, the carotid pulse and told me to call 911 for his furry little friend. His compressions were quite impressive. If he could take and pass the written exam, I think he could be certified. Needless to say, he had a lot of fun. Dale stayed up late again telling me all about his night with Dr./Auntie Kari. He said his prayers and then he was out like a light. Praise God for all the different people that have come into our lives and helped us during this time. We are forever grateful.


al said...

hi dale
we won our two basketball games on Saturday. We played the mustang titans and the All Stars. On sunday we will play the lightning for the Championship. The game starts at 3:30. We hope we win today.

noah and Cory

Enos Family said...

Hi Dale
Pacers won today we missed you hope your feeling ok today. Coach Randy announced your name when we got trophies it was a close game when can we come visit? Love and Prayers Daniel
Kristy Jim and Jessica too!