Friday, March 30, 2007

Day + 43

It is now 6 weeks post transplant and Dale continues to do well at home. He started home schooling. His first day was yesterday. His teacher is the same teacher he had 3 years ago when he home schooled for a year so there was no first day meet the teacher anxiety. She is wonderful and Dale really likes her. Dale's labs are fairly stable. His ANC has been between 4,000 to 5,000. WBC - 6.1 - 6.4. Hgb - 9.7 Hct - 30.4 Plts - 61,000. He hasn't needed a transfusion since he was discharged but we'll see how that goes. The liver enzymes are however somewhat rocky. It goes up and down. The total bili is now 0.8. It was 0.5. The doctors added a new medication - mycophenolate (MMF) to try to control the upswing in the liver enzymes. They think the reason for the rise is GVH (Graft vs. Host disease - Derek's marrow or Dale's new marrow is "attacking" Dale's liver) His blood pressure is also high from one of his medications so now he has to take medicine for that too. The pill count is now 23 pills a day. He takes them all diligently without question. Today Dale and I went to a tennis court and played a little tennis. He is allowed to play outside as long as he wears a mask and he stays away from crowds.
We didn't last too long. We both got hot and tired but it was fun. Dale still spends most of his day doing is school work. Danny still has a cold so Dale and Danny are not allowed to be in the same room at the same time. Dinner is eaten in shifts. Derek, being the diplomatic brother, sits at the dinner table the entire time Dale eats and then while Danny eats. I make sure Derek is not eating that entire time he is sitting at the dinner table. Those of you who know Derek know that he probably could eat during both shifts. One of their favorite games they play now is Mad Libs. It has all of us laughing. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Grace and peace.....


millie said...

hi dale,
what's up with danny's cold? is it the same one since you were discharged? tell him to stop kissing the girls!

glad to hear that you're getting some fresh air. i can't say i'm any good at tennis. i threw my racquet away...

keep up the good work with ALL those pills! i have a hard time taking ONE! i need to concentrate just to get one down and not get stuck. i can't imagine 23 pills!

you're always in our thoughts and prayers...

auntie millie

p.s. what date is day 100?

The Mochizuki's said...

Dale - praise to god you are home! wow we didn't realize this until I saw you last week! You look marvelous!! my computer was sick last month so I hadn't been checking anything.
Tennis, wow you have energy, Uncle Dennis tried to teach me along time ago but I think I have puny weak wrists, those rackets are heavy!
What are you eating now days? Happy to be away from that hospital food? Although it is nice to have it there and ready.
You like games too. I just learned to play UNO and I love it! Although sandwich is pretty good too.
Dog pound is doing well, Lucky boy gump is still having minor poo accidents but he's slowly learning...luckily it's the hard kind so its easy to clean up! He's suppose to sleep on a pillow on the floor, but i found out recently he's been sneaking out when we fall asleep and goes on Dylan's bed to sleep, not so stupid after all! Does Eski try that too? Take care, prays always, Love, Auntie Wendy

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
Wow, where do you get all of your energy? Mom too? You are such a good sport to exercise, do your school work, home work, and most of all take those 23 pills without complaining. I bet some of them are huge too !!!

Stay way from Danny ! ! Derek too, you gotta be careful, we don't want you to catch cold too.

Tomorrow is April Fool's day already and Palm Sunday too. Gosh, as you get older, time just "flies by" ever so fast.

Here's wishing you well for you and your family, our best to all. Love, Popo and gung gung

Team Mersburgh said...

Aloha Dale,
It is so exciting to read your updates. Your doing so well. Each day your getting stronger and stronger. We will continue to pray for your total recovery, especially those liver enzymes and blood pressure. Your journey continues in inspire our family. Ruth loves looking at your pictures. Sending you lots of prayers and Aloha from Kailua Kona, Hawaii.
Aloha, Dan, Charlene, Thomas, Rebekah and Ruth

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