Friday, March 9, 2007

Day +22

This morning the nurse told us it was the first time she has seen Dale smile. The wbc stayed the same - 0.73 but the ANC went up to 525. Platelets 32,000 Hb went up to 8.3 and Hct - 26.5 No transfusion today. We'll see tomorrow if he will need more platelets. Dale spent the day doing his schoolwork. We are now doing multiplication time tests. He rode the bike pedal this morning and did some light exercises this afternoon. When the platelets get low, we worry about bleeding. Dale tends to get nose bleeds so he is not allowed to blow his nose or anything that may increase the pressure in his nose. Derek came to to visit tonight again. We played poker again. This time Wade won the all in hand. We are grateful for every little positive step in Dale's blood work. Thank you for your love and support.


millie said...

hi dale,
mom posted your update early tonight! i was expecting something later this evening...

next time tobie goes to doggie daycare, i'll call mom and you can watch him on the web cam. it's kinda fun to see all the dogs playing around and to look for tobie.

have you heard of the game "rayman" for the wii? i think that's what it's called; it's a game of rabbits. nicole is having fun playing wii (even by herself)! my favorite is the bowling (that's because i beat uncle eric and nicole)!

keep exercising those legs, jogging around the room and beating everyone in poker (did your dad cheat)?

till tomorrow, take care and LOVE YOU LOTS!

auntie millie

teddi said...

Hi Dale,
WOW oh WOW, you are doing very WELL ! ! So keep up the good work. Yes, I did hear from Jordan about the team relay.

Just think, in no time, when the days get much warmer, you can go swimming too. As for the rubiks cube, talk to Uncle Mitchell (Kristen's dad), he can do it very well and very quickly too!

You will need to teach me how to exercise as much as you do. What's the secret at your age because at my age I'm supposed to exercise too, but I'm always too lazy. You must have a secret to do more daily. Keep up the good work. We love you and keep praying. Love, popo and gung gung

Brad Chang said...

Hi Dale,

It's Uncle Brad. I want to tell you how very proud we all are of you and are very happy with your progress.

Derek, Lindsey & Brandon all send their love and prayers for all of you.

I need to tell you that you are making God very proud of you becaus eof all of the people that you have touched all over the world. You have inspired people to step up and register for bone marrow registry, donate blood & platelets and even pray. These are things that many have never done in their lives, but they did it because you inspired them to do so.

Believe it or not, this is your ministry and you are doing God's work... by bringing people just a little bit closer to our Lord * Savior Jesus Christ. Uncle's Grant, Keith & Derek better watch out for you!

I pray that you will continue to do God's work and to touch others through your perserverance and strength in tough times. I also pray that God will continue to fill your heart with His love and light the path for all of you to continue to spread His love , mercy and grace.

Remember that God is always by your side and He sometimes even carries you when you are tired.

Keep up the great job... I get tired just reading about your exercise program.

By the way, we are sending you a DVD. I hope that you have a DVD player in your room. It's called "Facing the Giants" and we hope that you like it and that it will inspire you all. Our family loved it.

Have a blessed day!

Love and prayers,

The Chang's